Fruits Pudding

I wasn’t a fan of pudding until I tasted it at my previous employer’s function. The pudding was not too sweet, the texture was soft and smooth and I liked its flavour too. After a short chat with the event organiser, I bought the ingredients and made them at home.


Mango puddings

These puddings are my family’s favourite, inclusive of my parents, siblings, nieces and nephews. I’ll make them when we have family dinner, gatherings or guests at home.


  • A packet of fruit bean curd pudding powder
  • 3 litre of water
  • 100 g of sugar
  • 400 ml of evaporated milk

I usually bought this Happy Grass fruit bean curd pudding powder, either the strawberry, mango or corn flavour.


Fruit bean curd pudding powder

The method of making the pudding is also stated at the back of the packet.


The tips of making a smooth pudding is to turn off the flames after boiling as strong flame will cause the pudding to become hard and rough. I have been following this tip every time I make this pudding.


Strawberry puddings

Occasionally, I will decorate the puddings with swirl of whipping cream or fresh strawberries or mango.


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