Wrap School Books

When I was schooling, I used to enjoy wrapping school books.

During my time, I have to measure and cut the wrapping plastic sheet according to the measurement of our books. Then, we have to fold the plastic and tape them. It took almost 5 minutes just to wrap one book.

Check out this video on how to wrap book.

Nowadays, we can purchase book cover based on the size of our books.

I bought this 260mm book covers from Popular book store to wrap Jared’s school workbook. This time round, I asked Jared to wrap his own books. I was glad that he didn’t make a fuss of it.

This 255mm book covers are for school text books. It costs RM5.25 for 10 pieces of book covers.

This is for exercise books. I bought 2 sets of each book covers to wrap Jared’s school books.

There are 3 reasons why I wrap Jared’s school books.

The first reason is the school text books are from the school. We need to take good care of the text books as they will be used for a few years by different students.

Second, Jared is not lucky enough to get new text books. Some of the books are quite old and dusty.

These are the book covers that I took out from the text books that Jared brought home. They are dusty and dirty and I need to give the books a fresh new cover.

Lastly, the book cover protects the book from water, be it from water spill or rain.

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