Uncle David and $10 Soft Toys

I have read about Uncle David’s stories a few years back. I heard Steve and Shaz interviewed him on LiteFM too. Until recently, I saw him in person selling soft toys in front of HSBC Damansara Uptown.

Uncle David is still undergoing leukemia treatment and has a son studying engineering in overseas. He sells soft toys for $10 each to fund his treatment and living expenses.

I’ll buy him fruits on some day when the weather is hot. His favourite is papaya. Last month, he was sad and told me he hardly sell 10 soft toys in a day. 2 weeks ago, as usual during lunch time, I bought fruits for him. As I reached HSBC, I didn’t see him there. And I did not see him the following day too. I was wondering what happened to him. Is he ok? Then, one day after work, I bumped into him within the vicinity. He told me there was a surge in his business. Thanks to Pokémon. He broke his record and sold the most soft toys in a day. He had to make another trip during the day to replenish the stocks and hence, wasn’t there during lunch time that I visited him.

Today, I bought him papaya and watermelon. He was happy to see me. Surprisingly, he gave me $10 and asked me to buy for him some plastic bags. I asked him “Plastic bags?”. He replied “Yes. Ran out of plastic bags”.


There was quite a crowd during lunch time and he could not step away. I walked over to nearby supermarket but they ran out of plastic bags too. I asked the staff “Where else can I get plastic bags? It’s for Uncle David to pack soft toys”. Immediately, the staff gave me a packet of their plastic bag.


Saw this on Facebook posting today by World of Buzz about an irresponsible man who ordered 250 Pokémon soft toys from Uncle David but never came to collect them. No wonder there was a pile of soft toys and I thought Uncle David stocked up too many soft toys. He didn’t complain to me about it at all.


Glad that quite a number of customers bought a few Pokémon soft toys each from Uncle David. I hope he’ll clear the stocks soon to help him to ease his cashflow.


I told Jared and Jaden about it and Jared asked me to buy a few Pokémon soft toys from Uncle David for him to give to his friends.

Bought this for Jaden and he adores it. Not that he likes soft toys. Probably it’s Pokémon craze and the story behind it.


Nice to know there’s a lot of kind people around. Do support Uncle David if you are around HSBC Damansara Uptown vicinity. Remember to say Hello to Uncle David. He is a nice and humble man.

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