Things to do in Genting Highland

Mother in-law must have been very tired from all the travels by public transports during the Hari Raya festive holiday. She travelled from Segamat to KL by train, took Jared to Penang by train and ferry, came back to KL by bus and going back to Segamat by train. Hubby asked her to stay with us for a few more days to break the travels.

After 2 days of rest at home, we went up to Genting Highland for 2D1N short holiday. We drove up on late Saturday afternoon and checked in to Resorts World Hotel. After settling down in the hotel, we took a walk to First World Hotel. As I was walking and talking to my mother in-law, I realised it was my first holiday with her.

My mother in-law is a very strong lady. She does lots of charity work, especially for the Breast Cancer society in Segamat. She’s the one who suggested to Hubby and I to have annual holiday by ourselves without our kids and encouraged me to have “Me Time”. During the walk, I started to miss my late father in-law whom I didn’t spend much time with and to get to know him better ever since I married to Hubby.

Magic show at First World Hotel

Genting Highland was having Genting International Magic Festival 2012 during that period. There were magic shows on stage at First World Hotel. Hubby took mother in-law to check out the new wing of casino at First World Hotel.

The Visitors’ Galleria

 We also went to the The Visitors’ Galleria.

Hubby sharing information on Genting Highland with his mother

At the galleria, there were lots of photos, information and history about the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong and Genting Highland. There was also video presentation about their stories and histories.

More to see in The Visitors’ Galleria

 Awards, certificates, gifts, etc on display.

Ming Ren Restaurant

We had our dinner at Ming Ren Restaurant.

Superstars of Magic 2

We had earlier bought 5 tickets to watch this Superstars of Magic 2 show at Genting International Showroom. 

Genting International Showroom hall … photo taken from our seats

We had very good seats, at the centre and close to the stage.

The magic show was excellent! Really excellent that we wanted to watch it again. There were so many awesome and international standard of magic acts. Two of the acts, World’s Greatest Escape Artist by Dean Gunnarson and World’s Best Quick Change Act by Sos and Victoria Petrosyan were in Guinness World Records. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take photos inside the hall.

The next morning, we watched more street magic shows and there were stalls selling magic tricks things. They were quite entertaining. 

Magic Colour Book for the 2 boys

There were so many magic tricks things on sales. Jared chosen this Magic Colour Book (RM25). Not bad, with this book, Jared and Jaden can show a magic act.

Restaurant Hainan Kitchen

We had our lunch, the Hainan Chicken Rice at Restaurant Hainan Kitchen. We particularly like its white chicken with its chili sauce.

More performances at First World Hotel

On the way down from Genting Highland, we stopped at Strawberry and Lavendar Park for tea. 

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