Hitman David Foster & Friends Asia Tour 2015 Concert

After 4 months of waiting, the day is finally here. This morning, I’ve been listening to David Foster’s music. Feeling really excited. Tonight is the night.


With so many international artistes, Jackie Evancho, Ruben Studdard, Peter Cetera, Natalie Cole and Boyz II Men, the tickets for the concert are not cheap. It took me a while to decide if I should buy PS1 or PS2 tickets. But with 4 concerts and all the tickets that I bought in Apr 15, I chose PS2 instead. The seats were quite high up.


The happy Me … when there’s music.

The opening song for the concert was Winter Games.


Seeing the familiar fingers on the piano and hearing “Winter Games” live were unbelievable.

Unbelievable … I was actually listening to this piece of fantastic music live, watching David Foster and seeing his fingers playing the piano live. Not on TV, not on YouTube.WP_20150814_21_20_43_Pro WP_20150814_21_20_48_Pro


The first artist that sang was Jackie Evancho, the runner up of the 5th season of America’s Got Talent. She was 10 years old when I first watched her on the talent show.


She has grown up so much now. She’s 15 years old.


Yesterday, Jackie sang 3 songs. One of which was Music of the Night.


The second singer was Ruben Studdard, the American Idol Season Two winner. I’ve forgotten about him for awhile until I watched him singing again yesterday. The first song that he sang was I Swear.


I Swear by the moon and the stars in the sky. I’ll be there.

Rubben also sang Home which was produced by David Foster for Michael Bubble, who wrote the song together with David Foster’s daughter.


And I know just why you could not come along with me. Let Me Go Home.

Other than David Foster, I was really looking forward to listen to Peter Cetera, the Chicago singer-turned-solo artiste.

The funny thing he said when came out to stage was he saw Kenny Roger’s fried chicken in Malaysia. Then, David Foster mentioned he wrote “Hard to say I’m Sorry” for Kenny Roger but Kenny Roger rejected it and finally made popular by Chicago and Kenny Rogers sells fried chicken.


Hold me now, It’s hard for me to say I’m sorry. I just want you to stay.

Peter Cetera sang Hard to say I’m Sorry, You’re the Inspiration and Glory of Love. Age is catching up and he couldn’t sing the high notes as well. I’m glad that I watched him performed now before he stop singing.


You’re the meaning in my life. You’re the Inspiration

Natalie Cole … somehow she looked pretty frail on that night. When she sang Miss You Like Crazy, I was worried if she could pull through the chorus and high notes. Hope everything is ok with Natalie Cole.


I remember the things that we used to do. Miss You Like Crazy.


Unforgettable. How the thought of you does things to me

Natalie Cole also sang Unbelievable, with her late father, Nat King Cole’s voice and video played on the screen.

The last song she sang was This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) which usually light up the room when she sings this song. It did on this concert night but not as much energy from Natalie.


The last artiste that performed was Boyz II Men, the reason most people went for the concert. The first song they sang was Water Runs Dry.


Let’s not wait till the Water Runs Dry, we might watch our whole lives pass us by.

When the group sang I’ll Make Love to You, we just could not help but sang along. It’s such a lovely and nice song to sing along.


I’ll Make Love to You … Close your eyes, make a wish!

Really, really like Boyz II Men. The last song that they sang was End of the Road. The next time they are in town, I would like to go for their concert.


Although we’ve come to the End of the Road, still I cant let you go.

The show ended with all the musical guests reuniting onstage to perform The Beatles’ Hey Dude


Hey Dude

David Foster took the opportunity to acknowledge a few Malaysian. One of which is Jimmy Choo who came to his concert and was sitting somewhere. His wife loves Jimmy Choo, for his shoes must be. David Foster also mentioned that he has recently became the ambassador for Air Asia.

For encore, David Foster played Love Theme from St Elmo’s Fire.


The concert ended at about 11.30pm. Wish I can watch the concert again. The following day concert is a private concert held in conjunction with Genting’s 50th anniversary

David Foster, THANK YOU for the beautiful music and songs that you composed.

Genting Strawberry Park and Lavender Farm

On the way down from Genting Highland, we stopped at Genting Strawberry Park and Lavender Farm. We wanted to have our afternoon tea at the Strawberry Cafe. 

At the entrance of Genting Strawberry Park

It was drizzling then. Luckily, the Strawberry Park is a covered park. The admission to the park is free.

It was a nice feeling in the park with cool weather, greenery and lots of red strawberries. 

Genting Lavender Farm

The last time that we visited this park, there was no Lavender Farm. This time round, we visited the Lavender Farm. The lavenders look so pretty in different purple shades. The whole farm smells very nice too.

In Lavender Shop

Comparing to the Lavender Garden that I visited in Seoul, the only disappointment is the Lavender Shop sells fake lavenders, rather than the real or dried lavenders. The shop looked quite empty look, probably it was still new.

Fresh vegetables were on sales there too. As it was drizzling, the man decided to sell these vegetables at lower price (four packet of vegetables at RM10) as there was not many visitors to the park. I bought 12 packets of vegetables for RM30, enough for our family to consume for a week. Some of the vegetables were cling wrap to protect the freshness of the vegetables.

Genting Strawberry Cafe

At the Genting Strawberry Cafe, there were coffee in strawberry flavour for sale too. Personally, I prefer the normal and original coffee taste.

For our afternoon tea, we had strawberry coffee (2 cups for RM9.80), strawberry milk shake (RM10.90), french fries (RM7) and waffle (RM4). The kids love eating french fries in raining and cold weather. The waffle was undercooked as the texture was not crispy. We provided our feedback to the lady owner and suggested how to present the waffle in a nicer and more presentable manner. 

I was hoping to see strawberry cakes and more varieties of pastries in the cafe. Hopefully, more visitors will frequent the cafe and the cafe can have more varieties of food for selection.

Ming Ren Restaurant, Resort World Genting

Hubby and I enjoyed the food at Ming Ren Restaurant which is famous for its Lamb Specialty Cuisine. The last time that we were in Genting Highland with my parents, we brought them there for dinner. Unfortunately, we were refused entry as we did not make any dinner reservation.

The restaurant entrance

This time round, Hubby made a reservation a day earlier. The staff adviced Hubby to be punctual at the restaurant as they will only hold on for our reservation for 15 minutes.

Quiet corner with nice view

We were ushered to this quiet corner with nice view of Genting. 

Mini Yellow Rice (RM3++ per bowl)

This yellow rice were cooked with shallots and have a nice aroma and taste. Ever since we’ve tasted this rice, we’ll always order this yellow rice and not the normal white rice.

HK Kailan (RM18++)

HK Kailan vegetables

Yam Papaya Soup (RM12++ per bowl)

Soup for Jaden. We ordered one portion which came in bigger bowl. I’ve divided the soup into smaller bowl for Jared too.

Beancurd Hot Plate (RM16++ for small)

Beancurd for the 2 boys.

Lamb Chunk (RM32++ for small pot)

The last time that we dined at Ming Ren, we ordered 2 types of lamb, Roasted Lamb Ribs and Roast Lamb Skewer. This time round, we ordered Lamb Chunk and Roast Lamb Skewer.

Roast Lamb Skewer (RM8++ each)

The Lamb Skewer in Xinjiang’s traditional spices and seasonings make Ming Ren’s “Lamb Specialty Cuisine” undoubtedly some of the most tantalising, tender and succulent lamb dishes around!

The service at Ming Ren was good. The staff were very attentive.

Jasmine Tea

As we walked out from the restaurant, the staff greeted Hubby and wished him Happy Birthday. The service was so personalised.

Ming Ren Restaurant

Level 2, Highlands Hotel


Things to do in Genting Highland

Mother in-law must have been very tired from all the travels by public transports during the Hari Raya festive holiday. She travelled from Segamat to KL by train, took Jared to Penang by train and ferry, came back to KL by bus and going back to Segamat by train. Hubby asked her to stay with us for a few more days to break the travels.

After 2 days of rest at home, we went up to Genting Highland for 2D1N short holiday. We drove up on late Saturday afternoon and checked in to Resorts World Hotel. After settling down in the hotel, we took a walk to First World Hotel. As I was walking and talking to my mother in-law, I realised it was my first holiday with her.

My mother in-law is a very strong lady. She does lots of charity work, especially for the Breast Cancer society in Segamat. She’s the one who suggested to Hubby and I to have annual holiday by ourselves without our kids and encouraged me to have “Me Time”. During the walk, I started to miss my late father in-law whom I didn’t spend much time with and to get to know him better ever since I married to Hubby.

Magic show at First World Hotel

Genting Highland was having Genting International Magic Festival 2012 during that period. There were magic shows on stage at First World Hotel. Hubby took mother in-law to check out the new wing of casino at First World Hotel.

The Visitors’ Galleria

 We also went to the The Visitors’ Galleria.

Hubby sharing information on Genting Highland with his mother

At the galleria, there were lots of photos, information and history about the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong and Genting Highland. There was also video presentation about their stories and histories.

More to see in The Visitors’ Galleria

 Awards, certificates, gifts, etc on display.

Ming Ren Restaurant

We had our dinner at Ming Ren Restaurant.

Superstars of Magic 2

We had earlier bought 5 tickets to watch this Superstars of Magic 2 show at Genting International Showroom. 

Genting International Showroom hall … photo taken from our seats

We had very good seats, at the centre and close to the stage.

The magic show was excellent! Really excellent that we wanted to watch it again. There were so many awesome and international standard of magic acts. Two of the acts, World’s Greatest Escape Artist by Dean Gunnarson and World’s Best Quick Change Act by Sos and Victoria Petrosyan were in Guinness World Records. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take photos inside the hall.

The next morning, we watched more street magic shows and there were stalls selling magic tricks things. They were quite entertaining. 

Magic Colour Book for the 2 boys

There were so many magic tricks things on sales. Jared chosen this Magic Colour Book (RM25). Not bad, with this book, Jared and Jaden can show a magic act.

Restaurant Hainan Kitchen

We had our lunch, the Hainan Chicken Rice at Restaurant Hainan Kitchen. We particularly like its white chicken with its chili sauce.

More performances at First World Hotel

On the way down from Genting Highland, we stopped at Strawberry and Lavendar Park for tea.