Crispy Seaweed Strips

This time round, our 5th Auntie who used to be a home science teacher cooked her famous curry chicken and she also made Crispy Seaweed Strips.

Dean’s fiance, Christine who joined us for the very first CNY celebration in Kluang loves to eat the Crispy Seaweed Strips. Our auntie offered to make for her to bring back to US.

After lunch, we had our 3rd cooking class. This time round, our auntie taught us to make Crispy Seaweed Strips.


  • Popiah skin
  • Seaweed (try to buy the same size as popiah skin)
  • Egg, lightly beaten. Add sesame oil, pepper and pinch of salt.

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  1. Place popiah skin on non-stick surface
  2. Brush with egg wash
  3. Place a piece of seaweed on top of it
  4. Brush with egg wash again
  5. Cover with another piece of popiah skin
  6. Put it aside to let it dry, while continue with other pieces of popiah skin and seaweed
  7. Fold into 3 equal sizes and use scissors to cut along the folded line
  8. Cut into shorter strips of 1cm width

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  1. Pour oil into frying wok
  2. Test it with chopsticks to see if the oil is hot enough for frying. Bubbles will appear in the oil when it’s hot
  3. Take a handful of seaweed strips and fry them in the wok
  4. Once they turn lightly brown, turn down the flame
  5. Take out from wok and place on a plate with kitchen towel.

WP_20130211_119[1]As the seaweed strips are still hot, they will continue to cook and turn brown.

Good students and helpers in the kitchen

Good students and helpers in the kitchen

We had quite a few helpers in the kitchen and we worked like “factory line” with different people performing different tasks. We were having fun and the entire process of making and frying the seaweed strips were done in half an hour. The seaweed strips were crispy, smell great and tasted good too.


  • If you prefer the stronger taste of seaweed, you may start with seaweed, then popiah skin and end with seaweed.
  • Use egg white rather than whole egg as it will be crispier and the seaweed strips will last longer
  • My auntie told us that this seaweed strips go well with porridge.
The only and very happy man in the kitchen.

The only and very happy man in the kitchen.

We had lots of laugher, changing idea and cooking tips. It was certainly a good bonding time during this Chinese New Year break.