DIY Burgers

During MCO, I’ve ordered burgers through online delivery. It was awful. The packaging came wet and the buns were soggy. That was the last time I ordered burger online.

We tried burgers at myburgerlab and it was superb. Absolutely yummy. I bought DIY pack from them for a fast and easy dinner at home.

Ingredients that I used to make the DIY burgers. My first attempt. 

Options to make the burgers more impressive and look like a gourmet burger:

  • Portobello mushroom: Season with salt and pepper, glaze with olive oil and put on frypan inside out. Crack an egg on top of the mushroom and fry/grill for a few minutes.
  • Streaky bacon: Cook till nice and crispy. Cut/break into smaller piece to fit into burger
  • Lettuce
  • Sliced thinly tomatoes
  • Caramelized onion – lightly seasoned with salt and pepper and grill

My 2nd attempt. Depending on what I have in the fridge.

Thaw DIY charcoal buns and patties overnight before cooking.

I used my brand new Tefal Everest frypan to make DIY burgers for lunch today.

Lightly toast the buns, face down on a frypan, for a nice and crisp, not soggy buns. Do for the other side too.

The frypan surface is big enough for me to toast the buns and also pan fry the burger patties and bacon.

Used Tefal egg frypan to fry eggs. The egg will be round and fit nicely on burger bun, thicker and make the burger looks more impressive.

Cook patties on a frypan or grill at medium heat, 3 mins on each side.

Assemble the burgers while the patties are cooking.

  • On the base of bun, spread some dressing of choice i.e. mayonnaise, thousand island, mustard, ketchup, chili sauce, etc.
  • Snap and break lettuce and put on top of dressing
  • Add sliced tomatoes, streaky bacon, fried egg, and caramelized onion and portobello mushroom.

I followed Gordon Ramsay’s advice and lightly brush some butter on the patties on the last few seconds to add the nice buttery, moist taste to the patties.

Add cheddar cheese on top of the patties.

Finally, put the burger patties on top of burger.

The staff of myburgerlab was kind enough to give me few burger pockets to use at home.

Put the assembled burger into the burger paper pocket and eat it immediately.

You can choose to have a simple burger of just egg and patty or make them a gourmet burger. Either way, we enjoyed the DIY burgers. They are yummy and most importantly, not soggy.