Red Velvet Cheesecake for Christmas

Almost every year, we would be invited for Christmas dinner at Aunty Jenny’s house. We are always very delighted to receive her invitation as she’s a very good cook and she always put up a good feast for us.

This year, Aunty Jenny invited us to her house to join her family for Christmas dinner.


Aunty Jenny roasted this turkey herself. It was a big turkey that weighed 5kg.

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Home cook Christmas dinner by Aunty Jenny … Roast turkey with stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, mashed potato and coleslaw.


This year, our Uncle and Auntie from Singapore were in town too.

P1100211 Fruits salad consists of more than 10 fruits, prepared by Aunty YC.


Famous tapioca kueh by Florence from Section 17, PJ.

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Red velvet cheesecake made by me.

I’ve made this red velvet cheesecake for quite a number of times. So far, I’ve been receiving good feedback on this cake. I learned to bake this cake from Catherine Lau’s Get Cheesy workshop, organized by The Star Online.


Hubby has just commented that the cake just got better … and I know why.

After all the compliments, my next attempt was to perfect the cake. I bought three of 9 inch low cake pans to bake the chocolate base. Previously, I just used my normal 9 inch cake pan. The problem was the cake on the inside was not properly baked. When I baked it longer, the outer layer of the cake became over bake and dry. With these 3 cake pans, the cakes baked faster and moist.


 I also wanted the cake the have proper layers of chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting. In order to achieve that, I divided the cream cheese frosting into 3 bowls so that the cream cheese can be evenly spread and cover the cake.P1100216I am happy with the results. Should have done these 2 simple steps long time ago. Guess I was too lazy to make the first step then.

I am glad I did it now. My new year resolution … no more procrastination!

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