Coffee Butter Cake

Since my maid, Moch, went back in early April, I’ve not been baking. Moch was my baking buddy. I used to tell her a day before and she would take out the mixer and all baking ingredients. I don’t like the washing up after baking, don’t like the greasy pots and utensils.

Yesterday was Hubby’s birthday. We had a pack day with weekly house cleaning, laundry and dinner at night. I could only made pudding, which is my family’s favorite too. We had dinner at Lala Chong Restaurant. My father gave us a big white pomfret, I did not have confidence to steam the expensive fish myself. I suggested to Hubby to bring to Lala Chong and asked them to steam for us. The fish turned out very nicely done. Jaden loves the fish very much and he ate quite a bit of it. The cooking charges for the steam fish was RM25. We had my parents and Hubby’s auntie to join us for Hubby’s birthday dinner. It was a simple and nice one.

Before I slept, I saw a missed call and sms from my best friend, Christina. Her sms “Wei, wei … Happy Birthday, hope you have a great celebration today and a wonderful year ahead . I replied “But today is not my birthday woh. It’s Hubby’s”.

This morning she replied “Haha, I got yours mix up with YC. Urs on 28th. Pls wish YC happy birthday for us”. My reply to her “Hmmm, guess our age is catching on us. I missed your birthday, you got my birthday inaccurate”.

But, my birthday is not on 28th. Never mind, it’s the thought that count. I am glad and thankful for the friendship that I have with Christina all these years.

I felt guilty for not baking cake for Hubby’s birthday. This morning, I finally bake again. I baked Coffee Butter Cake for him.

My sister baked this cake for us during CNY gathering. Jaden ate and love the cake very much. The next morning, Jaden asked “Mommy, can I have yesterday Siao Yi’s cake?” but I didn’t have any share of the cake to take home. My mother said the cake was not enough to share among all of us and since I can bake my own cake, I wasn’t given any. After reading my whatsapp post then, my eldest sister laughed and told my mom about it. The next day, my mom asked my Dad to send the balance of the cake to me. My eldest sister asked my youngest sister to bake more. She likes the cake to go with coffee. Basically, the entire family love my sister’s cake.

My sister gave me this recipe and I have baked this cake many times before. Without Moch around, I forgotten to take out eggs from the fridge. So, the eggs were not at room temperature.

227g Salted butter
140g Caster sugar
4 Eggs
1 tsp Coffee extract (optional)
180g Self-raising flour
Pinch Salt (Optional)
1 tbsp Instant coffee powder mix with 1 tbsp hot water
1 tbsp Cocoa powder

1. Preheat oven 180C
2. Lightly grease the bottom and side of 8” square baking tray. Line the bottom with baking paper
3. Beat butter and sugar till smooth and fluffy
4. Beat egg one at a time till incorporated
5. Add coffee extract, if using
6. Sift is flour and salt and still till well blended
7. Stir in coffee mixture and mix well
8. Mix ¼ of the mixture with sifted cocoa powder
9. Pour 2/4 of mixture into cake tray
10. Pour the above ¼ cocoa mixture
11. Top with the remaining ¼ mixture
12. Bake the cake for 40-45 minutes


This cake is simple and easy to bake. The coffee and cocoa add a very nice flavor to the cake.


We had the cake for tea today, after our Tim Sum lunch at Oriental and Despicable 2 movie. Hubby ate far more than I expected, 5 pieces in total. He said it’s nice and not too sweet.

Oh yes … Hubby knows what he wanted for his birthday. His Nokia 925 is on the way.

Chinese New Year Celebration 2013

With the new job, I did not have much time and also day off to prepare for CNY. I managed to make a few can of cookies … chocolate chips pecan cookies and almond cookies.


These were for my sister and brother as I knew they love these cookies.

Jaden brought a few of the cookies to kinder to eat. His teacher saw it and asked him to get the recipe from me. He came home and told me about it. The next day, he told the teacher “You can get the recipe from my mother’s blog” and passed to the teacher a paper slip with “” written on it. Not bad ya, my boy knows how to promote my blog 🙂


On the last day of work before the CNY break, my boss took us out for department lunch. With this new job, I had the least “lou sang” for CNY as compared to my previous job as we used to entertain dealers to CNY Yee Sang after the annual account reviews.


 We had our reunion dinner in Segamat with Hubby’s family. After reunion, we exchanged ang pow. In order to receive ang pow from my mother in-law, all of the kids (inclusive of her second son) have to give her a kiss on the cheek. Thank God she doesn’t have an oily face.


For the very first time, I was so happy that we went to temple for prayer and blessing, first thing on the 1st day of Lunar New Year.

After prayer, we went to Kluang to meet Hubby’s uncles, aunties and cousins that came back from Singapore, Penang, KL and Johor.


It was also Auntie Jenny’s birthday. We had a good birthday celebration in restaurant.


On the 2nd day of CNY, we had three cooking classes from our aunties:

  1. Roast Pork
  2. Ju Hu Char
  3. Crispy Seaweed Strips


Technology got us closer for those near and far. Hubby arranged Skype with her sister who is in US. WP_20130211_029

Most of us left Kluang on the 3rd day of CNY, after our breakfast.

WP_20130212_003A varieties of pau for breakfast. WP_20130212_007

I truly enjoyed the CNY celebration at Kluang with great company and lots of laughter.

When we reached home, we had Mc Donalds for lunch. After lunch, we went to my parents house to have gathering with my siblings and family. At night, we had Kajang Satay for dinner. I guess we had too much of Chinese food and we ate too much too that we just wanted to eat non-Chinese food.


On the 4th day of CNY, I received these from postman.  My lovely friend who was my classmate in secondary school and now live in Singapore knows I like OCBC angpow packets and sent them all the way from Singapore.


At night, we had dinner with our parents at The Uma. I had been wanting to take my parents to try out the Balinese food here. Since we had too much of CNY feast, this Balinese good was a good choice for the dinner there.

I ordered pork rib set, mutton, fish and the famous Bali duck meat. My dad love the mutton set.

Looking back, it was really a good choice of not having Chinese food. We can avoid the crowd, expensive food with not so attentive service.


 On the 5th day of CNY, my auntie and her families from Klang visited my parents. All of us met up with them at my parents house. I volunteered to cook pilaf rice with rendang Chicken for lunch and Acar that I’ve bought from TTDI market.WP_20130214_012

altAi7hh-LAAiNWHdo41g8s0WTgVOQ1WMrSQVIxKBerSORS_jpg I think I only see them once a year.


My auntie and her children.


Ben’s at Bangsar Shopping Centre

At night, our 4th Auntie invited us for dinner at Ben’s at Bangsar Shopping Center. It’s Valentine’s Day and there were lots of people and it was quite difficult for us to find car park at the shopping center.

There’s no candle light dinner with Hubby. Married couple is not romantic anymore 🙁


Rocket Salad

The food at Ben’s is nice.


Beef for Hubby


Fish for 4th Auntie


Duck pasta for me


We finished our dinner with coffee and cake. This is Heaven!


On the 6th day of CNY, I worked half day from home as I’ve to take two online meetings. After the meetings, we rushed to Tesco to buy ingredients to make pizzas.


I had my ex-school mates at home for tea time. I made 4 types of pizza ie ham, salami and sausage & bacon pizzas and paired them with white wine. Wai Peng made Apple crumble pie and I served it with scoop of vanilla ice-cream.


I also made Panna Cotta and it is so easy to make. WP_20130215_020

Technology got them closer but apart.


Good chat among old friends. We truly enjoyed our chat at our cozy home.


On the 7th day of CNY, we had BBQ pot luck at William’s new condo. The condo has a very nice pool that looks like resort pool.

18587_10151514479492269_1099595659_nAnother good gathering among old school friends.  This is what I like the most of CNY – friends get together. Some of these friends I only see them once a year.


I brought a packet of dried meat to be grilled at the BBQ dinner. It was delicious and my friends enjoyed eating it.


I also made banana walnut brownies as dessert for the gathering. It was so difficult to get the host of the gathering, William to prepare Vanilla ice-cream to go with the brownies. He was just trying to be difficult.

From the 8th to 11th day of CNY, I went to Singapore for office three days training. Hubby accompanied me and we drove to Singapore and stayed at Marina Mandarin Hotel which is within walking distance to Marina Bay Sand.


Overall, it was a good CNY celebration and break from work.

May the year of Snake brings Joy, good health & happiness to all of us.

Crispy Seaweed Strips

This time round, our 5th Auntie who used to be a home science teacher cooked her famous curry chicken and she also made Crispy Seaweed Strips.

Dean’s fiance, Christine who joined us for the very first CNY celebration in Kluang loves to eat the Crispy Seaweed Strips. Our auntie offered to make for her to bring back to US.

After lunch, we had our 3rd cooking class. This time round, our auntie taught us to make Crispy Seaweed Strips.


  • Popiah skin
  • Seaweed (try to buy the same size as popiah skin)
  • Egg, lightly beaten. Add sesame oil, pepper and pinch of salt.

New Folder

  1. Place popiah skin on non-stick surface
  2. Brush with egg wash
  3. Place a piece of seaweed on top of it
  4. Brush with egg wash again
  5. Cover with another piece of popiah skin
  6. Put it aside to let it dry, while continue with other pieces of popiah skin and seaweed
  7. Fold into 3 equal sizes and use scissors to cut along the folded line
  8. Cut into shorter strips of 1cm width

New Folder (2)

  1. Pour oil into frying wok
  2. Test it with chopsticks to see if the oil is hot enough for frying. Bubbles will appear in the oil when it’s hot
  3. Take a handful of seaweed strips and fry them in the wok
  4. Once they turn lightly brown, turn down the flame
  5. Take out from wok and place on a plate with kitchen towel.

WP_20130211_119[1]As the seaweed strips are still hot, they will continue to cook and turn brown.

Good students and helpers in the kitchen

Good students and helpers in the kitchen

We had quite a few helpers in the kitchen and we worked like “factory line” with different people performing different tasks. We were having fun and the entire process of making and frying the seaweed strips were done in half an hour. The seaweed strips were crispy, smell great and tasted good too.


  • If you prefer the stronger taste of seaweed, you may start with seaweed, then popiah skin and end with seaweed.
  • Use egg white rather than whole egg as it will be crispier and the seaweed strips will last longer
  • My auntie told us that this seaweed strips go well with porridge.
The only and very happy man in the kitchen.

The only and very happy man in the kitchen.

We had lots of laugher, changing idea and cooking tips. It was certainly a good bonding time during this Chinese New Year break.

Ju Hu Char – Nyonya Dish

Part of our CNY tradition is each family will buy or make their famous food back to Kluang.

  1. 2nd Auntie will make “kok cai” which is Hubby’s favourite and layer cakes that both Jared and Jaden love so much.
  2. 4th Auntie will buy Godiva and all sort of expensive chocolates
  3. 5th Auntie will make fruits cake and cook curry chicken
  4. 7th Auntie is famous for her roast pork and Ju Hu Char
  5. 8th Auntie always buy persimmon, plum, cherry, strawberries and varieties of nuts (almond, walnut, etc).

We have non-stop of good food that was so hard to resist. Nobody can ever have a successful “diet plan” during this CNY get together.

The second cooking class that we had is to cook “Ju Hu Char” by Auntie Jenny again.


  1. Boil pork belly (200g) and slice thinly
  2. Soak dried squid strips (Ju Hu See) with vinegar and water for about 10 minutes
  3. Saute garlic and onion
  4. Add squid strips and stir until fragrant
  5. Add pork and stir fry for about 5 minutes
  6. Add vegetables (carrot, turnip, cabbage, French bean, mushroom) and stir fry until cooked.
  7. Add pinch of salt and white pepper.

This dish goes very well with lettuce.


Roast Pork and Flavawave, Halogen Convection Oven

Today, over CNY family gathering, I have the opportunity to watch Auntie Jenny made her famous roast pork again.

The roast pork that we use to roast at home is nice but not as nice as Auntie Jenny’s. The most challenging part to make a good roast pork is to have crispy skin and not the hard skin.


  • 1.5kg pork belly with skin
  • 1 tbsp salt

Mix into paste:

  • 1 tbsp five spice powder
  • 2 cloves garlic – pounded
  • 1 piece of ginger – pounded
  • Few pieces of cilantro root – pounded (optional)
  • 1 tsp salt

There are tricks to this.

  • Choose 5 layers of pork belly with thin skin, so that the roast pork is crispy.

5 layers of pork belly with thin skin

  • Clean and dry with paper towel
  • Score the skin of pork belly with sharp knife across entire surface (2″ cuts with 1/4″ apart). Make sure the skin layer gets cut thorough but not too deep. Repeat same in 90 degrees direction so cuts form square patterns on skin. Some butcher will do this for you.


  • There’s layer of fat under the skin of pork belly. When we score the skin, the layer of fat comes out and with the heat, will fry the skin and cause the skin to crack and crispy.
  • Rub some of the 1 tbsp salt on the pork skin. Salt will absorb water. When moisture forms, pat dry the skin of pork belly with kitchen towel.
  • Marinade the meat layer with the paste, coating well. Do not apply on skin as the skin will turn black easily with the paste.
  • Rub the skin with salt again for a few times, about 30 minutes apart till the 1 tbsp salt is used up.
  • Leave meat aside in a cool area, do not refrigerate. Keep wiping off any moisture that forms on skin.
  • Preheat oven to 200C. Wipe pork skin dry and remove the excess salt from the skin and brush oil on it.
  • Place a shallow tray of water (1-2inch) at lower ract to get rid of smoke.
  • Place meat with skin side up on wire rack and roast for 15 mins.WP_20130211_026
  • Turn down temperature to 180C and continue roasting for another 40-45 mins depending on thickness of meat, till well browned.
  • If skin does not crackle fully after meat is cooked, switched oven mode to grill the skin surface for about 10-15 mins.
  • When cooked, take out and let the roast pork to sit for 15 mins before serving.WP_20130211_055
  • To cut the roast pork, turn meat upside down and chop into 2 halves with very sharp knife. Quickly turn back the pieces, skin side up, on chopping board, making sure juice that runs out of meat do not come into contact with crispy skin. Cut 1st half of the meat into slices, skin side down, and turning each skin side up again.WP_20130211_059
  • After slices are done, chop each slice into bite sizes, repeat for the other half and serve immediately.WP_20130211_061

Aunty Jenny recently bought a halogen convection oven and she told us it’s good to roast pork. It’s fast, visible, not smoky and easy to clean.

Roast Pork

The roast pork goes very well with mustard sauce.

Despite the 4 big pieces of roast pork, the roast pork were all eaten over our lunch.

Red Velvet Cheesecake for Christmas

Almost every year, we would be invited for Christmas dinner at Aunty Jenny’s house. We are always very delighted to receive her invitation as she’s a very good cook and she always put up a good feast for us.

This year, Aunty Jenny invited us to her house to join her family for Christmas dinner.


Aunty Jenny roasted this turkey herself. It was a big turkey that weighed 5kg.

Recently Updated

Home cook Christmas dinner by Aunty Jenny … Roast turkey with stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, mashed potato and coleslaw.


This year, our Uncle and Auntie from Singapore were in town too.

P1100211 Fruits salad consists of more than 10 fruits, prepared by Aunty YC.


Famous tapioca kueh by Florence from Section 17, PJ.

Recently Updated1

Red velvet cheesecake made by me.

I’ve made this red velvet cheesecake for quite a number of times. So far, I’ve been receiving good feedback on this cake. I learned to bake this cake from Catherine Lau’s Get Cheesy workshop, organized by The Star Online.


Hubby has just commented that the cake just got better … and I know why.

After all the compliments, my next attempt was to perfect the cake. I bought three of 9 inch low cake pans to bake the chocolate base. Previously, I just used my normal 9 inch cake pan. The problem was the cake on the inside was not properly baked. When I baked it longer, the outer layer of the cake became over bake and dry. With these 3 cake pans, the cakes baked faster and moist.


 I also wanted the cake the have proper layers of chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting. In order to achieve that, I divided the cream cheese frosting into 3 bowls so that the cream cheese can be evenly spread and cover the cake.P1100216I am happy with the results. Should have done these 2 simple steps long time ago. Guess I was too lazy to make the first step then.

I am glad I did it now. My new year resolution … no more procrastination!

Day trip to Kuala Gandah Deerland Park, Elephant Sanctuary and Bentong Chamang Fall

It’s school holiday and I’ve not planned for any holiday trip for the family due to my new job commitment. I really wish to take my boys for a short trip or even just for a day trip to take them out from their normal daily routine.

During the last school holiday in May 12, we had a day trip to Kuala Gandah and Bentong. I posted those pictures and write up on my facebook, blog and Trip Advisor and I received lots of enquiries and respond to the post.

I’m reposting the post that I updated in my treasure memories blogspot blog here. Hopefully, all of you will enjoy the day trip as much as we did.


30 May 2012

It is school holiday. For the last 2 years, Hubby and I would have our own holiday without the kids, in conjunction with our wedding anniversary. Hubby has been waiting for me to give him dates that I’m able to get away for a few days trip. I just came back from company’s team planning session in Seoul and have not planned for any trip during this 2 weeks school holiday.
Two days ago, Hubby suggested to make a day trip to Kuala Gandah and Bentong. A parent of Kumon student recommended him to visit Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary. He made some browsing on the internet and noticed that travel agent usually bring visitors for day trip to Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary and Deerland Park. He also read about Bentong Chamang Fall and since these 3 attractions are quite close by, he planned the itinerary for a day trip.
Initially, we were thinking of going on this coming Saturday of Agung’s Birthday Holiday. Since it is school holiday, a week end and public holiday, we believe these places would have lots of people. Since I was able to take a day off from work, we decided to go on mid week instead.
We left home at 10am and reached Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary at 11am. Hubby read that limited stickers will be given out to visitors in a day and made the first stop at this Elephant Sanctuary to register and obtained stickers for the day. There’s no entrance fee but visitors are encouraged to make some contribution to the sanctuary.

Hubby obtained 2 red and 3 yellow stickers and made donation to the sanctuary.

The staff informed us that there would be video show on issues surrounding wild elephants and diminishing habitat at 1.30pm.

Since it was still early, Hubby suggested that we visited Deerland Park which is located not far away.

 The entrance fee to this Deerland Park is RM6 for adult and RM3 for kids.

Walking in the park

Honestly, we had not heard of this place but there were many foreigner visitors. We met 3 Japanese mothers who married to local men visiting the park with their kids. They are residing in Kuantan and have lovely kids.
Deer feeding with food provided by the park
Taiwan Deers

There are also opportunity to touch and take photo with snacks.

Rabbit feeding

We were at the Deerland Park for about an hour and adjourned to the Elephant Sanctuary.

 We walked around its information centre and read interesting stories and facts on elephants.

 The Japanese families brought food and had picnic lunch at this place.

 The only cafe at the Elephant Sanctuary.

We had mee hoon noodle soup, fried mee hoon and fried rice for lunch. The taste was alright but a little salty. They cost about RM4.50 per plate.


After lunch, we walked to the elephants feeding and show venue.

Jared feeding elephant with peanuts.

This lady is from London. She bought bananas on the way to the sanctuary and gave some to us for elephant feeding. In return, Hubby gave them some peanuts to feed those elephants too.
Not overly crowded despite school holiday. Almost half of the visitors were foreigners with tour guide that brought them there on day trip.

Elephant Bathing

At 2pm, the elephants had their bath to cool down their bodies temperature. Their bodies were also dirty and full of mud which was to protect them against the hot sun.
Finished bathing, ready for show time
Show time
Visitors were encouraged to hand feed elephants during their lunch for bonding and trust building, before elephant rides. Cut papayas were provided by the sanctuary.

Queuing for elephant rides for visitors with yellow sticker. Hubby, Jared and I had a ride on an elephant the natural way ie no basket. It was an interesting ride.

After the ride, we had a cold drink at the same cafe that we had our lunch. We left Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary at about 3.10pm to adjourn for Bentong Chamang Fall. On the way, there were cows on the road and we need to drive safely.

We reached Bentong Chamang Fall at about 4 pm, which was just the right timing. There’s a suspension bridge that connects the 2 sides of the stream.
Be careful crossing the bridge
There are picnic place
We did not have any swim there, though we did bring extra changing clothes and towel as we did not think it is suitable for our boys.

The waterfalls can be dangerous with powerful currents.

We reached this restaurant at Bukit Tinggi at 6pm and had our early dinner there.

We reached home about 7.30pm and were all tired, sweaty and smelly. But it was a good and productive day trip for the family.

Suggestion for the trip:

  1. Wear light and comfortable clothes.
  2. Bring water, sunglasses and caps as there are a bit of walking under hot sun.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes and shoes that can resist water if go to the Chamang Fall
  4. Make the first stop at Elephant Sanctuary to register and collect stickers as there is limited stickers given out in a day, especially the yellow sticker for rides and bath with elephants.
  5. Allow ample time for lunch, suggest have early lunch as there’s only 1 cafe in Elephant Sanctuary and everyone is rushing for the 1.30pm video show.
  6. Bring peanuts and banana to feed elephants.
  7. Make some contribution to the Elephant Sanctuary as there’s no entrance fee, for the maintenance of the elephants and park.
  8. Bring extra changing clothes and towel.
  9. Be careful if swim at the Bentong Chamang Fall

Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies

A few years ago, a friend asked me if I’ve baked chocolate chips cookies. I said yes and then, she asked me “was it crunchy”? I said “yes” and she asked from me for the recipe.

The following day, I received a message from her that she’ve tried baking the chocolate chips cookies based on my recipe and it was very successful. It was crunchy and crisp and her kids just love them.

I saw a new colleague of mine always buy chocolate chips cookies from Starbuck. He is the colleague who on board me into my new job and will be moving to work in Singapore office in end Nov 12. I wanted to bake this chocolate chips cookies for him before he leaves us.

This morning, after my usual cup of coffee, I started baking chocolate chip cookies. The following is the recipe and this cookies is very easy to bake.

  • 227g butter
  • 130g soft brown sugar
  • 65g Castor sugar
  • 1 1/4 tsp vanilla essence
  • 1 big size egg, lightly beaten

Combine and sift:

  • 325g self-raising flour
  • 130g plain flour
  • 1/3 tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • 2 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1/3 tsp salt


  •  1 1/3 tbsp milk
  • 130g chocolate chips
  • 100g pecans, coarsely chopped
  1. Preheat oven to 180 C.
  2. Cream butter and sugar (brown and Castor) till creamy.
  3. Beat in vanilla essence and egg until mixture turns light.
  4. Stir in sifted dry ingredients.
  5. Add in milk, chocolate chips and chopped pecans. Fold in with a metal spoon.
  6. Drop half a tablespoon of mixture onto non-stick baking trays. Leave about 5-6cm between each tablespoon to allow space for spreading.
  7. Bake for 17-20 minutes or until firm to the touch.
  8. Let cookies cool completely before store them in air tight container.


  1. We may substitute the pecan nuts with walnut. Pecan is more expensive than walnut but I like it with pecan better.
  2. Some chocolate chips are milk based ie sweeter; while some have the balance of chocolate and milk, or have higher content of chocolate. Do read and ask about the chocolate chips as it may affect the sweetness of the cookies.
  3. If the cookies are under-baked, they will be soft or not as crunchy.
  4. Cookies with chocolate chips will be harder when they cool completely. If cookies are not crisp and crunchy, bake for another few minutes in oven or toaster.

After making the cookies, I went to market for my groceries shopping to stock up food for the week.

After lunch, I went to Amante and had my favourite hot stone massage.

I needed this massage badly. Love my therapist for the day, Mariyah. She was really good and gave me a good massage that I fell asleep during the 1.5 hours of hot stone massage.

My sister came to our house with her 3 boys. We had the chocolate chip cookies for tea. I gave them 2 containers of cookies for them to enjoy at home.

Good thing is meant to be shared.


Wrap School Books

When I was schooling, I used to enjoy wrapping school books.

During my time, I have to measure and cut the wrapping plastic sheet according to the measurement of our books. Then, we have to fold the plastic and tape them. It took almost 5 minutes just to wrap one book.

Check out this video on how to wrap book.

Nowadays, we can purchase book cover based on the size of our books.

I bought this 260mm book covers from Popular book store to wrap Jared’s school workbook. This time round, I asked Jared to wrap his own books. I was glad that he didn’t make a fuss of it.

This 255mm book covers are for school text books. It costs RM5.25 for 10 pieces of book covers.

This is for exercise books. I bought 2 sets of each book covers to wrap Jared’s school books.

There are 3 reasons why I wrap Jared’s school books.

The first reason is the school text books are from the school. We need to take good care of the text books as they will be used for a few years by different students.

Second, Jared is not lucky enough to get new text books. Some of the books are quite old and dusty.

These are the book covers that I took out from the text books that Jared brought home. They are dusty and dirty and I need to give the books a fresh new cover.

Lastly, the book cover protects the book from water, be it from water spill or rain.

Just Heavenly

After the long drive to work thru heavy traffic on weekdays, I really look forward to weekend. Then again, there’s another set of errands to run over the weekend … kids music classes, Wushu class, tuition, groceries shopping, etc.

Despite our busy schedule, there are three ladies who are committed and will always find time for our “Me Time”.

Just heavenly … Chat, coffee and cake!

Three of us are working moms and each of us have two growing up kids. Our kids attend music and Kumon classes too. Three of us are accountants and used to work together in the same company. Three of us love to bake too.

Coffee and cake … the perfect combination

Three of us will find time to meet up and we enjoy catching up over coffee and cakes while we leave our kids at home with our hubbies. We meet up two to three times a year and we’ve been doing this for the last 5 years. That’s what we love about the three of us. I wonder if they share the same sentiments too.

Today, we meet up again. This time round, we met up at Just Heavenly since it has a cafe at BSC now.

Every time, we find that we never have enough time to catch up. We know the limit and we will back to our family when the time calls for it.

It’s not about the quantity but the quality time that we share and enjoy.

Good friends catch up, chit chat over cup of coffee and cakes … this is Just Heavenly!