My Career Personalities

I received an email from The Star Online Team. There was a 3-minute career test that gives us insight on our personality and the career options that would suit our unique characteristics best.

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Based on the test results, The Star Online will provide job listings with careers that matches our preferences AND our personality type!

Out of curiousity, I did the test and the following is the test results: 

The test result for my career personalities is pretty accurate, especially for the “Systematic” and “Artistic” parts. For the “Charmer” … well, I’m not sure. I am not comfortable in doing sales but in meetings and discussions, I always talk with facts and human lies but numbers dont. For that, probably, that’s when the “Charmer” personality kick in … I hope.

My colleague agrees with me too. She thinks “Systematic” described so accurately about my career personality.

Try it and discover your career personality with Jobgraphy!

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