It feels good to be recognised

Few weekends ago, I read article on 7 Things You Can Do on Friday to Make Monday Awesome. I’ve been doing some of them, not on weekly basis but now and then. I like to organize the week, get one thing off my desk before weekend kicks in and reflect on the week. My colleague guessed my favourite is #5 as I always put on music when work gets tougher.Occasionally, I end the week on a high by planning to show someone my appreciation.

On the next Monday, I did just that. I shared the article with my colleagues whom I worked closely with on company’s FY15 Planning and invite them to try the coffee butter cake that I baked and brought to office. I sent The Little Things Count to my manager for her support and for being such a great manager to us. I responded to performance review feedback requests from colleagues as part of end of year check in to help them to develop further.

Before I joined my current employer, I used to admire my Auntie and friends who received awards and recognition from their employers for job well done. Not that I’ve never done a good job throughout my career, it’s the way the recognition been given to staff which is usually just a thank you note or emails. Somehow, US companies have a more structure and formal way of giving award and recognition to staff. There are Kudos, The Little Things Count, APAC CFO Award and many other awards given out by Subsidiary and Corporation.

Finally on 5 Jun 14, I experienced the feeling of receiving such award. In APAC Finance All Hands today, I received FY14 H2 APAC CFO award, under the category “Giving to Others”. I received as Subject Matter Expert (SME) for subsidiary on our new forecasting tool, shared best practices and provide Helpdesk to colleagues in the office and peers in APAC region to support them in using the tool.

After the announcement from our APAC CFO, several instant messages popped out on my notebook screen. I received congratulatory messages from colleagues all over APAC … “Congratulations”, “Well done”, “Very much deserved”, “Great stuff”.

I was so, so happy and truly enjoy the moment. It was a pleasant surprise, it was a great feeling and it surely motivated me further to help others and to do great job. Of course, I did not forget to thank my manager for her recognition too.

Today, my boss shared the announcement with the local Subsidiary leadership team and also with my key stakeholders. In a few hours, I received more than 30 “feel good” congratulatory emails from the team. I was overjoyed, simple thing like this made me feel over the moon. It was really a GREAT feeling and something that I truly treasure the memory!

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