Genting Strawberry Park and Lavender Farm

On the way down from Genting Highland, we stopped at Genting Strawberry Park and Lavender Farm. We wanted to have our afternoon tea at the Strawberry Cafe. 

At the entrance of Genting Strawberry Park

It was drizzling then. Luckily, the Strawberry Park is a covered park. The admission to the park is free.

It was a nice feeling in the park with cool weather, greenery and lots of red strawberries. 

Genting Lavender Farm

The last time that we visited this park, there was no Lavender Farm. This time round, we visited the Lavender Farm. The lavenders look so pretty in different purple shades. The whole farm smells very nice too.

In Lavender Shop

Comparing to the Lavender Garden that I visited in Seoul, the only disappointment is the Lavender Shop sells fake lavenders, rather than the real or dried lavenders. The shop looked quite empty look, probably it was still new.

Fresh vegetables were on sales there too. As it was drizzling, the man decided to sell these vegetables at lower price (four packet of vegetables at RM10) as there was not many visitors to the park. I bought 12 packets of vegetables for RM30, enough for our family to consume for a week. Some of the vegetables were cling wrap to protect the freshness of the vegetables.

Genting Strawberry Cafe

At the Genting Strawberry Cafe, there were coffee in strawberry flavour for sale too. Personally, I prefer the normal and original coffee taste.

For our afternoon tea, we had strawberry coffee (2 cups for RM9.80), strawberry milk shake (RM10.90), french fries (RM7) and waffle (RM4). The kids love eating french fries in raining and cold weather. The waffle was undercooked as the texture was not crispy. We provided our feedback to the lady owner and suggested how to present the waffle in a nicer and more presentable manner. 

I was hoping to see strawberry cakes and more varieties of pastries in the cafe. Hopefully, more visitors will frequent the cafe and the cafe can have more varieties of food for selection.

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