End of One, the Begining of Another

The day came and gone.

FY and I were in meetings for almost the entire day of our last working day. We could not have our farewell lunch with our colleagues. Instead, we had working lunch in the office.

My old office, no more office in new company

YF came over to our office to take photos with us. He reminded us that he’ll be the only staff from pre-GSSC left. 

My team post GSSC

My team post GSSC. Though we did not have the quantity, we have the quality. Love them much …

The guy who bought us the farewell cake

Since we did not have farewell lunch with our colleagues, after meetings, Wendy suggested and Edmund went down to get us a Tiramisu cake. They were so sweet and thoughtful.

Bye Bye … till we meet again!

Did not expect GSSC staff to come over to our office and asked to take photos with us. There were lots of hugs and best wishes. After work, we had Japanese dinner with our boss.

Today, I report to work for my new job. It’s a new day with a new beginning and a new hope. I wore my brand new Zara dress, which I pampered myself cause the dress cost me RM359. Before I left home for work, Hubby told me “Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy it”.

It was raining, I left house at 7.29am to drive to KL and it took me 1 hour and 35 minutes to reach carpark that cost me RM10 per entry. Gosh … how can KL welcome me this way?

The only consolidation is to have Richard and Sarah from LiteFM to accompany me throughout the long drive. They were discussing about work life balance with lots of callers calling in. With total duration of 3 hours to commute in and out of work, I wonder how can I have work life balance.

In the evening, my brother called me to ask me about my new job. He told me “You are very capable and I’m proud of you. You always give more than what others expected of you”. Yes … I must remember that!

No matter what, I will give myself an opportunity to adjust into this new work life and I’ll strive to do my best.

Oh ya …  I miss Kakak’s coffee at my old office.


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