Electrolux Washing-thon, the 1st Outdoor Washing Marathon for Charity

One of my many “Likes” in Electrolux is its activities which are related to home appliances. We can relate very closely to those activities, as all of us will have at least one home appliance at home. We cook, we wash clothes, we clean our house, etc.

This time round, Electrolux is organizing its very 1st outdoor washing marathon, Washing-thon, a corporate social responsibility initiative that aims to give back to the community in support of the needy and less privilege.

Through this Washing-thon event, Electrolux targets to collect, wash, dry and fold at least 3,000 pieces of donated clothes that will be distributed through Grace Community Services, reaching orphanages, women’s home, drug addict centre, poor families and Orang Asli in East Malaysia.

The Washing-thon will be held at Citta Mall from 1st to 4th Nov 12. There will be fun activities during this period.

Electrolux Washing-thon truck

You may donate your old usable clothes by dropping them off at designated points and placed them in one of those collection bins around Klang Valley. From now till the Washing-thon event, there will be mobile, Washing-thon truck that will go around to collect donated clothes from designated points and to be washed during Washing-thon!

You can also be a part of Washing-thon by being a volunteer! Electrolux is looking for volunteers from 1 to 4 November 12 to join the Electrolux team to help sorting out donated clothes before washing (the whites from the colored) and to fold clothes once they are washed and dried using Electrolux washing machines and dryers.

To register as a volunteer, simply drop an email to my.passion@electrolux.com with the following details:

  • Name:
  • Contact No:
  • Date:
  • Time you wish to volunteer – 10am-3pm or 3pm-8pm, or whole day

Do support Electrolux in this meaningful corporate social responsibility initiative and good cause by sharing with your family members, friends and colleagues on this meaningful event! Do help to collect clothes from your family members and bring them along to Citta Mall as there’ll be activities line up for children and adults.

Remember this:

  1. Date:               From 10am, 1 Nov 12 to 6pm, 4 Nov 12
  2. Venue:             Citta Mall, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya
  3. How you can contribute:
  4. Electrolux Contacts:

See you there!

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