Kid’s Creative Thinking

A few months back, Jaden asked me to put him to sleep. I pat, pat him and sang the lullaby song that I used to sing to them when they were babies.

Jaden said to me “Mommy, I love you! I love you more than computer, TV and anything else. This was so sweet. I treasure this moment before he grows up and says this to his girlfriend only. I noticed both my boys have grown up so fast and I should spend more time with them these few years.

Another incident, Jaden had his kinder homework. He had to cut the picture of our King and paste it on his homework. I was glued to Giuliana & Bill reality show on TV and asked him to wait for awhile. He walked away and came back with his netbook. He typed “Agong” on Google and lots of Agong’s pictures came out. Jaden asked me which one was the latest Agong and thereafter, he sent the picture to print.

It’s so amazing to see 5 years old boy know how to use Google to help him with his homework. Must be the milk that they drink nowadays. No wonder milk powder is so costly now … I’m paying ~RM140 for a 1.8kg can of milk powder.

Jaden’s homework

Today, Jaden came back with Patriotism and Creative Thinking homework.

Patriotism and Creative Thinking

 He was reading and starring at this page.

I explained to him the meaning of the question.

He giggled and wrote these.

Initially, he wrote “Play Xbox” … the game that he played at Kid’s Club in Westin Siray Bay Phuket. After he changed into his pyjama, he came down and said “I’m afraid my teacher will scold me”. He rubbed off “Play Xbox” and wrote “good house” instead.

I hope Jaden will not get himself into trouble in kinder tomorrow … for being creative in his thinking?

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  1. Thank you for all the “Likes”.
    According to Jaden, his teacher accepted the “Holiday” but asked him to rub off the “No school” and write “Build schools” and rub “good house” to “build more hospitals”.

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