Palm Sugar Jelly (Agar-agar Gula Melaka)

Palm sugar, coconut milk and pandan leaves are good combination. You can find them in a lot of Nyonya Kueh and Chinese tongsoi (dessert) recipes. These food reminds me of childhood life in Teluk Intan.

My late Ah Ma (grandmother) and Ah Yi (mother’s sister) were good cook. I enjoyed making CNY cookies with them and always look forward to finish my school homework and weekend so that I could join them in making all these festive cookies. Ah Yi was good in making mee rebus, tongsoi and many other food. I wish I obtained all those recipes from them then.


My Mom was always busy sewing clothes and she did occasionally make simple dessert for us. One of it is Palm sugar jelly.



  • 750 ml (3 Cups) water
  • 220g (1 block) palm sugar (gula Melaka), roughly chopped
  • 20g agar-agar threads, washed and squeezed or 4.5 tsp agar-agar powder
  • 1 stalk of Pandan leaves, washed and tied into a knot
  • 450 ml coconut cream
  • Pinch of salt


  1. Put water, palm sugar, agar-agar threads and pandan leaves in a pot and bring to the boil. Lower the heat and simmer until agar-agar threads completely dissolve.
  2. Remove pandan leaves.
  3. Stir in salt into coconut cream and pour this into the jelly mixture.
  4. Return the mixture to the heat and bring it up to a boil and turn off the heat immediately.
  5. Pour jelly through a sieve into a jelly mould and leave aside to set at room temperature.
  6. Chill jelly in refrigerator.
  7. Remove jelly from mould. Cut into bite sized and serve cold.

Jelly mould given by Mom

When jelly cools, the coconut cream floats to the top leaving the bottom half layer a beautifully translucent amber of palm sugar.

My first attempt was when my MIL and SIL were in town. The jelly was rich with the flavours of coconut milk and palm sugar. The texture was right and the jelly was light and refreshing.


Unfortunately, it did not separately nicely into 2 layers but only a very thin layer of coconut cream.


And today I made this again.


This time, I replaced the agar-agar threads with agar-agar powder.


I like this texture better but I need to boil the jelly longer for the palm sugar and agar-agar powder to melt completely.

Chinese New Year Celebration 2013

With the new job, I did not have much time and also day off to prepare for CNY. I managed to make a few can of cookies … chocolate chips pecan cookies and almond cookies.


These were for my sister and brother as I knew they love these cookies.

Jaden brought a few of the cookies to kinder to eat. His teacher saw it and asked him to get the recipe from me. He came home and told me about it. The next day, he told the teacher “You can get the recipe from my mother’s blog” and passed to the teacher a paper slip with “” written on it. Not bad ya, my boy knows how to promote my blog 🙂


On the last day of work before the CNY break, my boss took us out for department lunch. With this new job, I had the least “lou sang” for CNY as compared to my previous job as we used to entertain dealers to CNY Yee Sang after the annual account reviews.


 We had our reunion dinner in Segamat with Hubby’s family. After reunion, we exchanged ang pow. In order to receive ang pow from my mother in-law, all of the kids (inclusive of her second son) have to give her a kiss on the cheek. Thank God she doesn’t have an oily face.


For the very first time, I was so happy that we went to temple for prayer and blessing, first thing on the 1st day of Lunar New Year.

After prayer, we went to Kluang to meet Hubby’s uncles, aunties and cousins that came back from Singapore, Penang, KL and Johor.


It was also Auntie Jenny’s birthday. We had a good birthday celebration in restaurant.


On the 2nd day of CNY, we had three cooking classes from our aunties:

  1. Roast Pork
  2. Ju Hu Char
  3. Crispy Seaweed Strips


Technology got us closer for those near and far. Hubby arranged Skype with her sister who is in US. WP_20130211_029

Most of us left Kluang on the 3rd day of CNY, after our breakfast.

WP_20130212_003A varieties of pau for breakfast. WP_20130212_007

I truly enjoyed the CNY celebration at Kluang with great company and lots of laughter.

When we reached home, we had Mc Donalds for lunch. After lunch, we went to my parents house to have gathering with my siblings and family. At night, we had Kajang Satay for dinner. I guess we had too much of Chinese food and we ate too much too that we just wanted to eat non-Chinese food.


On the 4th day of CNY, I received these from postman.  My lovely friend who was my classmate in secondary school and now live in Singapore knows I like OCBC angpow packets and sent them all the way from Singapore.


At night, we had dinner with our parents at The Uma. I had been wanting to take my parents to try out the Balinese food here. Since we had too much of CNY feast, this Balinese good was a good choice for the dinner there.

I ordered pork rib set, mutton, fish and the famous Bali duck meat. My dad love the mutton set.

Looking back, it was really a good choice of not having Chinese food. We can avoid the crowd, expensive food with not so attentive service.


 On the 5th day of CNY, my auntie and her families from Klang visited my parents. All of us met up with them at my parents house. I volunteered to cook pilaf rice with rendang Chicken for lunch and Acar that I’ve bought from TTDI market.WP_20130214_012

altAi7hh-LAAiNWHdo41g8s0WTgVOQ1WMrSQVIxKBerSORS_jpg I think I only see them once a year.


My auntie and her children.


Ben’s at Bangsar Shopping Centre

At night, our 4th Auntie invited us for dinner at Ben’s at Bangsar Shopping Center. It’s Valentine’s Day and there were lots of people and it was quite difficult for us to find car park at the shopping center.

There’s no candle light dinner with Hubby. Married couple is not romantic anymore 🙁


Rocket Salad

The food at Ben’s is nice.


Beef for Hubby


Fish for 4th Auntie


Duck pasta for me


We finished our dinner with coffee and cake. This is Heaven!


On the 6th day of CNY, I worked half day from home as I’ve to take two online meetings. After the meetings, we rushed to Tesco to buy ingredients to make pizzas.


I had my ex-school mates at home for tea time. I made 4 types of pizza ie ham, salami and sausage & bacon pizzas and paired them with white wine. Wai Peng made Apple crumble pie and I served it with scoop of vanilla ice-cream.


I also made Panna Cotta and it is so easy to make. WP_20130215_020

Technology got them closer but apart.


Good chat among old friends. We truly enjoyed our chat at our cozy home.


On the 7th day of CNY, we had BBQ pot luck at William’s new condo. The condo has a very nice pool that looks like resort pool.

18587_10151514479492269_1099595659_nAnother good gathering among old school friends.  This is what I like the most of CNY – friends get together. Some of these friends I only see them once a year.


I brought a packet of dried meat to be grilled at the BBQ dinner. It was delicious and my friends enjoyed eating it.


I also made banana walnut brownies as dessert for the gathering. It was so difficult to get the host of the gathering, William to prepare Vanilla ice-cream to go with the brownies. He was just trying to be difficult.

From the 8th to 11th day of CNY, I went to Singapore for office three days training. Hubby accompanied me and we drove to Singapore and stayed at Marina Mandarin Hotel which is within walking distance to Marina Bay Sand.


Overall, it was a good CNY celebration and break from work.

May the year of Snake brings Joy, good health & happiness to all of us.

Electrolux Washing-thon, the 1st Outdoor Washing Marathon for Charity

One of my many “Likes” in Electrolux is its activities which are related to home appliances. We can relate very closely to those activities, as all of us will have at least one home appliance at home. We cook, we wash clothes, we clean our house, etc.

This time round, Electrolux is organizing its very 1st outdoor washing marathon, Washing-thon, a corporate social responsibility initiative that aims to give back to the community in support of the needy and less privilege.

Through this Washing-thon event, Electrolux targets to collect, wash, dry and fold at least 3,000 pieces of donated clothes that will be distributed through Grace Community Services, reaching orphanages, women’s home, drug addict centre, poor families and Orang Asli in East Malaysia.

The Washing-thon will be held at Citta Mall from 1st to 4th Nov 12. There will be fun activities during this period.

Electrolux Washing-thon truck

You may donate your old usable clothes by dropping them off at designated points and placed them in one of those collection bins around Klang Valley. From now till the Washing-thon event, there will be mobile, Washing-thon truck that will go around to collect donated clothes from designated points and to be washed during Washing-thon! 

You can also be a part of Washing-thon by being a volunteer! Electrolux is looking for volunteers from 1 to 4 November 12 to join the Electrolux team to help sorting out donated clothes before washing (the whites from the colored) and to fold clothes once they are washed and dried using Electrolux washing machines and dryers.

To register as a volunteer, simply drop an email to with the following details:

  • Name:
  • Contact No:
  • Date:
  • Time you wish to volunteer – 10am-3pm or 3pm-8pm, or whole day

Do support Electrolux in this meaningful corporate social responsibility initiative and good cause by sharing with your family members, friends and colleagues on this meaningful event! Do help to collect clothes from your family members and bring them along to Citta Mall as there’ll be activities line up for children and adults.

Remember this:

  1. Date:               From 10am, 1 Nov 12 to 6pm, 4 Nov 12
  2. Venue:             Citta Mall, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya
  3. How you can contribute:
  4. Electrolux Contacts:

 See you there!