Kumon and Self Discipline

Jaden is doing Level D of Kumon Maths now. He’s doing advance multiplication and division.

The good thing about Kumon method is it instills self-discipline and time management with its daily homework.

Jaden was doing his homework while I was having my usual cup of Nescafe. I observed him doing his Kumon homework. After he completed his homework, he went upstairs and came down with calculator in his hand.

I was wondering what he was doing and then, I saw this.

Jaden checking his own answer sheets using calculator after doing it manually first.

Jaden did his Kumon Maths homework and time his work. After he finished the homework, he self-check his work. His little fingers pressed on the calculator slowly as he checked each questions of the worksheets. 

He marked those equations with wrong answers.

For those equations with wrong answers, he marked them and did the corrections thereafter. He did the corrections himself without the help of calculator. The calculator was only used to check his answers.

Jaden playing Ipad after he finished his Kumon homework.

Jaden knows that he has to finish his daily Kumon homework before he can play any Ipad game or watch TV. That’s the good self-discipline from Kumon method of studying.

There was once Hubby asked Jaden “How many mistakes do you have for today’s Kumon?”

He replied “3 mistakes” and Hubby teased him and asked “Why 3 mistakes?”

Jaden impatiently answered “3 only what. Why are you angry?”. Hubby said “No, I’m not angry. I’m just asking” and he said “But you raised your voice”. 

Jaden sets self expectation on himself and also try his best. He will speak up if he thinks he’s right as he has tried his best. That’s what we like and wish our boys to grow up with. Always try their best and speak up if they think they are right.

Hubby gave Jaden a BIG hug!