Watches for Kids

For the recent 3rd term school exam, It was the first time that Jared was tested on essay for the Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia papers. These essay carry 30% mark. The school teachers and tuition teachers paid a lot of attention and emphasise on these essay.

When Jared brought back his exam results, we were happy with his essay writing. As I turned to the last page of his BM exam paper, I noticed Jared did not answer the last page of the exam paper. Jared said he didn’t have sufficient time to complete the exam paper. He spent too much time on essay writing as that part of the exam paper carried 30% marks.

We did not scold Jared but instead realise that we did not teach him on time management during school exam. More over, Jared did not wear watch to school. We should train him to monitor time over the exams.

Over the public holiday, we brought our kids to 1 Utama Swatch shop. I wanted to buy a manual watch with hands and face (Number 1 to 12) on the watch, not digital watch. This is for Jared to learn time management and have better sense of time and timing.

Jared refused all the cartoon styled watches. According to him, those are too babyish.

Jared first chose this white strap watch (RM165). The watch look alright but not very nice on him.

Then, he chose this Army styled watch (RM195). This watch looked better on him. But he knew, this was not it.

Then, he tried this black and red watch that have Lego style of strap. As the strap was hard, it was not easy to put on and take out the watch.

I saw the above set of watch inside a glass cabinet and asked the sales girl to let Jared try. This watch (RM250) fit perfectly on Jared’s wrist and the good thing is, he liked it.

But, Jared said he choose the first, white strap watch. I was surprise. I asked him why and he said that’s the cheapest watch ie RM165 compared to this RM250 watch.

The sales girl said Jared was such a good boy. At the end, I bought this watch for him as he liked this watch the most, it fit perfectly and nice on him and the watch set came with this silver pendant.

Jared wore the silvent pendant necklace.

We asked Jared to wear his watch to school and all of his other classes. We need him to start learning to have better sense of time and timing