What an Irresponsible Parents

Jared was invited to his ex-classmate’s birthday party at McDonald. Since his school exam is over and Jared could meet up with his schoolmates from his previous class, we agreed to let him attend the party.

Hubby dropped him off at the party about half an hour late. He told Jared to call him once the party is over for him to pick him up from McDonald.

When I got home at 6pm+, Jared was still not back. I made a turn to go and pick him up from McDonald. The moment Jared saw me, he cried. He said “Mommy, I miss you!”. He told me the party ended at 4.30pm, which means he had waited for us for 1.5 hours.

Jared continued crying and I realised he was frighten, waited for us all by himself for such a long time. Hubby and I were very angry with the parents of the birthday girl. How could they left the party venue, hosted by them when Jared was alone there? They could have at least give us a call to inform us the party is over so that we could go and pick up Jared.

Over dinner, when we related the incident to Auntie YC, she was upset too and complained how could the parents left Jared alone at McDonald.

This morning, when I talked to Jared about the incident again, I realise they did not even give food to Jared when he arrived at the party half an hour late.

What type of parents is this? And these parents of the birthday girl, did not give any invitation card, no food for Jared who was late for half an hour and left Jared all alone at McDonald.

When I organised birthday party for Jared, I did the following:

  1. give invitation cards to the kids – for kids parents to know the party details ie venue, what time the party start and end.
  2. I would ask for contact numbers – in case of emergency; and also
  3. ask if their kids are allergy of any kind of food.

My advice to parents out there … if you find it troublesome to do the above, I’ll suggest that you do not invite other kids to celebrate your kids birthday but to celebrate among family members only.