Myopia (short sighted) in kids are getting more and more common and it is a concern for parents like us with growing up kids. While kids may look cute and adorable in their glasses, I always feel heartache when I see them wiping their tears underneath their glasses, when they are playing outdoor activities (running, playing football, badminton, etc) with glasses on. It is so inconvenient and they cant enjoy the outdoor activities fully.

Today, Hubby went to see ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist told Hubby that there are 4 causes of myopia:

  1. Genetics
  2. Too much of near vision activities – read too closely, video games, etc
  3. Lack of outdoor, natural lights. Study in Australia of group of children shows that the rate of growth for myopia is much lower for those kids with outdoor activities of 2 hours a day
  4. Type of glasses/lens that we wear. Recommended to wear Bifocals, varifocals or myovision lenses with approximately 30% reduction in myopic progression.

Recently, a daughter of our friend has stopped wearing glasses. Her mother told us that her daughter was wearing Orthokeratology, also known as Ortho-K, Overnight Vision Correction and Corneal Refractive Therapy. This hard lenses will temporarily reshape our cornea to reduce refractive errors such as myopia, farsightedness and astigmatism. However, this requires lots of discipline in terms of eyes hygiene.


Love and Respect

Jaden will get 50sen rewards from his Daddy for every week that he does his Ejaan and Spelling well ie all correct.

Last week, Hubby asked Jaden to do something.

Jaden asked “What will I get?”. He was expecting the same 50sen reward.

Hubby replied “Love and Respect”.

Disappointedly, he said “That’s nothing”. What he meant is the rewards are not something that is tangible.

Hubby laughed over it.


“Let’s go home” … Hubby and Jaden at KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital.

Few days ago, for Hubby’s birthday, we asked Jaden “What are you going to give to Daddy for his birthday present?”.

Jaden replied “Love and Respect”.

All of us laughed.


Chinese New Year Celebration 2013

With the new job, I did not have much time and also day off to prepare for CNY. I managed to make a few can of cookies … chocolate chips pecan cookies and almond cookies.


These were for my sister and brother as I knew they love these cookies.

Jaden brought a few of the cookies to kinder to eat. His teacher saw it and asked him to get the recipe from me. He came home and told me about it. The next day, he told the teacher “You can get the recipe from my mother’s blog” and passed to the teacher a paper slip with “” written on it. Not bad ya, my boy knows how to promote my blog 🙂


On the last day of work before the CNY break, my boss took us out for department lunch. With this new job, I had the least “lou sang” for CNY as compared to my previous job as we used to entertain dealers to CNY Yee Sang after the annual account reviews.


 We had our reunion dinner in Segamat with Hubby’s family. After reunion, we exchanged ang pow. In order to receive ang pow from my mother in-law, all of the kids (inclusive of her second son) have to give her a kiss on the cheek. Thank God she doesn’t have an oily face.


For the very first time, I was so happy that we went to temple for prayer and blessing, first thing on the 1st day of Lunar New Year.

After prayer, we went to Kluang to meet Hubby’s uncles, aunties and cousins that came back from Singapore, Penang, KL and Johor.


It was also Auntie Jenny’s birthday. We had a good birthday celebration in restaurant.


On the 2nd day of CNY, we had three cooking classes from our aunties:

  1. Roast Pork
  2. Ju Hu Char
  3. Crispy Seaweed Strips


Technology got us closer for those near and far. Hubby arranged Skype with her sister who is in US. WP_20130211_029

Most of us left Kluang on the 3rd day of CNY, after our breakfast.

WP_20130212_003A varieties of pau for breakfast. WP_20130212_007

I truly enjoyed the CNY celebration at Kluang with great company and lots of laughter.

When we reached home, we had Mc Donalds for lunch. After lunch, we went to my parents house to have gathering with my siblings and family. At night, we had Kajang Satay for dinner. I guess we had too much of Chinese food and we ate too much too that we just wanted to eat non-Chinese food.


On the 4th day of CNY, I received these from postman.  My lovely friend who was my classmate in secondary school and now live in Singapore knows I like OCBC angpow packets and sent them all the way from Singapore.


At night, we had dinner with our parents at The Uma. I had been wanting to take my parents to try out the Balinese food here. Since we had too much of CNY feast, this Balinese good was a good choice for the dinner there.

I ordered pork rib set, mutton, fish and the famous Bali duck meat. My dad love the mutton set.

Looking back, it was really a good choice of not having Chinese food. We can avoid the crowd, expensive food with not so attentive service.


 On the 5th day of CNY, my auntie and her families from Klang visited my parents. All of us met up with them at my parents house. I volunteered to cook pilaf rice with rendang Chicken for lunch and Acar that I’ve bought from TTDI market.WP_20130214_012

altAi7hh-LAAiNWHdo41g8s0WTgVOQ1WMrSQVIxKBerSORS_jpg I think I only see them once a year.


My auntie and her children.


Ben’s at Bangsar Shopping Centre

At night, our 4th Auntie invited us for dinner at Ben’s at Bangsar Shopping Center. It’s Valentine’s Day and there were lots of people and it was quite difficult for us to find car park at the shopping center.

There’s no candle light dinner with Hubby. Married couple is not romantic anymore 🙁


Rocket Salad

The food at Ben’s is nice.


Beef for Hubby


Fish for 4th Auntie


Duck pasta for me


We finished our dinner with coffee and cake. This is Heaven!


On the 6th day of CNY, I worked half day from home as I’ve to take two online meetings. After the meetings, we rushed to Tesco to buy ingredients to make pizzas.


I had my ex-school mates at home for tea time. I made 4 types of pizza ie ham, salami and sausage & bacon pizzas and paired them with white wine. Wai Peng made Apple crumble pie and I served it with scoop of vanilla ice-cream.


I also made Panna Cotta and it is so easy to make. WP_20130215_020

Technology got them closer but apart.


Good chat among old friends. We truly enjoyed our chat at our cozy home.


On the 7th day of CNY, we had BBQ pot luck at William’s new condo. The condo has a very nice pool that looks like resort pool.

18587_10151514479492269_1099595659_nAnother good gathering among old school friends.  This is what I like the most of CNY – friends get together. Some of these friends I only see them once a year.


I brought a packet of dried meat to be grilled at the BBQ dinner. It was delicious and my friends enjoyed eating it.


I also made banana walnut brownies as dessert for the gathering. It was so difficult to get the host of the gathering, William to prepare Vanilla ice-cream to go with the brownies. He was just trying to be difficult.

From the 8th to 11th day of CNY, I went to Singapore for office three days training. Hubby accompanied me and we drove to Singapore and stayed at Marina Mandarin Hotel which is within walking distance to Marina Bay Sand.


Overall, it was a good CNY celebration and break from work.

May the year of Snake brings Joy, good health & happiness to all of us.

Wrap School Books

When I was schooling, I used to enjoy wrapping school books.

During my time, I have to measure and cut the wrapping plastic sheet according to the measurement of our books. Then, we have to fold the plastic and tape them. It took almost 5 minutes just to wrap one book.

Check out this video on how to wrap book.

Nowadays, we can purchase book cover based on the size of our books.

I bought this 260mm book covers from Popular book store to wrap Jared’s school workbook. This time round, I asked Jared to wrap his own books. I was glad that he didn’t make a fuss of it.

This 255mm book covers are for school text books. It costs RM5.25 for 10 pieces of book covers.

This is for exercise books. I bought 2 sets of each book covers to wrap Jared’s school books.

There are 3 reasons why I wrap Jared’s school books.

The first reason is the school text books are from the school. We need to take good care of the text books as they will be used for a few years by different students.

Second, Jared is not lucky enough to get new text books. Some of the books are quite old and dusty.

These are the book covers that I took out from the text books that Jared brought home. They are dusty and dirty and I need to give the books a fresh new cover.

Lastly, the book cover protects the book from water, be it from water spill or rain.

Kid’s Creative Thinking

A few months back, Jaden asked me to put him to sleep. I pat, pat him and sang the lullaby song that I used to sing to them when they were babies.

Jaden said to me “Mommy, I love you! I love you more than computer, TV and anything else. This was so sweet. I treasure this moment before he grows up and says this to his girlfriend only. I noticed both my boys have grown up so fast and I should spend more time with them these few years.

Another incident, Jaden had his kinder homework. He had to cut the picture of our King and paste it on his homework. I was glued to Giuliana & Bill reality show on TV and asked him to wait for awhile. He walked away and came back with his netbook. He typed “Agong” on Google and lots of Agong’s pictures came out. Jaden asked me which one was the latest Agong and thereafter, he sent the picture to print.

It’s so amazing to see 5 years old boy know how to use Google to help him with his homework. Must be the milk that they drink nowadays. No wonder milk powder is so costly now … I’m paying ~RM140 for a 1.8kg can of milk powder.

Jaden’s homework

Today, Jaden came back with Patriotism and Creative Thinking homework.

Patriotism and Creative Thinking

 He was reading and starring at this page.

I explained to him the meaning of the question.

He giggled and wrote these.

Initially, he wrote “Play Xbox” … the game that he played at Kid’s Club in Westin Siray Bay Phuket. After he changed into his pyjama, he came down and said “I’m afraid my teacher will scold me”. He rubbed off “Play Xbox” and wrote “good house” instead.

I hope Jaden will not get himself into trouble in kinder tomorrow … for being creative in his thinking?

Lego Mindstorms ShooterBot

The school holiday started two days earlier due to early holiday break for Hari Raya celebration.

Due to the last minute, we could not make any holiday plan.

Hubby suggested Jared to create new robot using his Lego Mindstorms. This time round, Jared decided to make ShooterBot.

Jared used his notebook and Bluetooth to create remote control.

He fixed it all by himself, with very minimal guidance from Hubby. This is a good way to keep him occupied over school holiday, rather than watching TV or playing Ipad and computer games.

Jared was very happy and had great sense of achievement for building the robot and bluetooth remote control.


Kumon and Self Discipline

Jaden is doing Level D of Kumon Maths now. He’s doing advance multiplication and division.

The good thing about Kumon method is it instills self-discipline and time management with its daily homework.

Jaden was doing his homework while I was having my usual cup of Nescafe. I observed him doing his Kumon homework. After he completed his homework, he went upstairs and came down with calculator in his hand.

I was wondering what he was doing and then, I saw this.

Jaden checking his own answer sheets using calculator after doing it manually first.

Jaden did his Kumon Maths homework and time his work. After he finished the homework, he self-check his work. His little fingers pressed on the calculator slowly as he checked each questions of the worksheets. 

He marked those equations with wrong answers.

For those equations with wrong answers, he marked them and did the corrections thereafter. He did the corrections himself without the help of calculator. The calculator was only used to check his answers.

Jaden playing Ipad after he finished his Kumon homework.

Jaden knows that he has to finish his daily Kumon homework before he can play any Ipad game or watch TV. That’s the good self-discipline from Kumon method of studying.

There was once Hubby asked Jaden “How many mistakes do you have for today’s Kumon?”

He replied “3 mistakes” and Hubby teased him and asked “Why 3 mistakes?”

Jaden impatiently answered “3 only what. Why are you angry?”. Hubby said “No, I’m not angry. I’m just asking” and he said “But you raised your voice”. 

Jaden sets self expectation on himself and also try his best. He will speak up if he thinks he’s right as he has tried his best. That’s what we like and wish our boys to grow up with. Always try their best and speak up if they think they are right.

Hubby gave Jaden a BIG hug!

Kid Ran Away from Home

When I came back from work yesterday, I saw our neighbors at the security guard house. They were viewing CCTV. I asked the security guard on duty what happened and he told me that our neighbour’s daughter followed a car out and never came back.

This morning, Hubby saw the same neighbor talking to another neighbor outside of the house. Apparently, their 16 years old teenage daughter went out in a friend’s car on Sunday night and did not come home thereafter. After 24 hours, they made police report and provided the name of friends that were with her and also the car registration number that came and pick her up.

Consequently, her friends that had been named on the police report send their daughter home to avoid more trouble. She came back yesterday night after almost 48 hours.

Teenage years are the hardest to manage. As parents, we really need to know who our kids mix with, the names of their friends, where do they stay, their contact numbers, etc. It will be good if we can get to know their parents and family background too. In case of emergency, these information are really helpful.

Watches for Kids

For the recent 3rd term school exam, It was the first time that Jared was tested on essay for the Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia papers. These essay carry 30% mark. The school teachers and tuition teachers paid a lot of attention and emphasise on these essay.

When Jared brought back his exam results, we were happy with his essay writing. As I turned to the last page of his BM exam paper, I noticed Jared did not answer the last page of the exam paper. Jared said he didn’t have sufficient time to complete the exam paper. He spent too much time on essay writing as that part of the exam paper carried 30% marks.

We did not scold Jared but instead realise that we did not teach him on time management during school exam. More over, Jared did not wear watch to school. We should train him to monitor time over the exams.

Over the public holiday, we brought our kids to 1 Utama Swatch shop. I wanted to buy a manual watch with hands and face (Number 1 to 12) on the watch, not digital watch. This is for Jared to learn time management and have better sense of time and timing.

Jared refused all the cartoon styled watches. According to him, those are too babyish.

Jared first chose this white strap watch (RM165). The watch look alright but not very nice on him.

Then, he chose this Army styled watch (RM195). This watch looked better on him. But he knew, this was not it.

Then, he tried this black and red watch that have Lego style of strap. As the strap was hard, it was not easy to put on and take out the watch.

I saw the above set of watch inside a glass cabinet and asked the sales girl to let Jared try. This watch (RM250) fit perfectly on Jared’s wrist and the good thing is, he liked it.

But, Jared said he choose the first, white strap watch. I was surprise. I asked him why and he said that’s the cheapest watch ie RM165 compared to this RM250 watch.

The sales girl said Jared was such a good boy. At the end, I bought this watch for him as he liked this watch the most, it fit perfectly and nice on him and the watch set came with this silver pendant.

Jared wore the silvent pendant necklace.

We asked Jared to wear his watch to school and all of his other classes. We need him to start learning to have better sense of time and timing

What an Irresponsible Parents

Jared was invited to his ex-classmate’s birthday party at McDonald. Since his school exam is over and Jared could meet up with his schoolmates from his previous class, we agreed to let him attend the party.

Hubby dropped him off at the party about half an hour late. He told Jared to call him once the party is over for him to pick him up from McDonald.

When I got home at 6pm+, Jared was still not back. I made a turn to go and pick him up from McDonald. The moment Jared saw me, he cried. He said “Mommy, I miss you!”. He told me the party ended at 4.30pm, which means he had waited for us for 1.5 hours.

Jared continued crying and I realised he was frighten, waited for us all by himself for such a long time. Hubby and I were very angry with the parents of the birthday girl. How could they left the party venue, hosted by them when Jared was alone there? They could have at least give us a call to inform us the party is over so that we could go and pick up Jared.

Over dinner, when we related the incident to Auntie YC, she was upset too and complained how could the parents left Jared alone at McDonald.

This morning, when I talked to Jared about the incident again, I realise they did not even give food to Jared when he arrived at the party half an hour late.

What type of parents is this? And these parents of the birthday girl, did not give any invitation card, no food for Jared who was late for half an hour and left Jared all alone at McDonald.

When I organised birthday party for Jared, I did the following:

  1. give invitation cards to the kids – for kids parents to know the party details ie venue, what time the party start and end.
  2. I would ask for contact numbers – in case of emergency; and also
  3. ask if their kids are allergy of any kind of food.

My advice to parents out there … if you find it troublesome to do the above, I’ll suggest that you do not invite other kids to celebrate your kids birthday but to celebrate among family members only.