Replacement of lost driving license

Today is the 1st day for me to be out of rat race and my first “To Do List” is to get my replacement driving license done as it was lost from the robbery.

I checked JPJ website for the list of branches, counter service hours and documents required. I chose JPJ WPKL located at Jalan Genting Kelang.

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JPJ Signboards along Jalan Genting Kelang

Along that street, there were several places with JPJ signboard, which offer JPJ related services i.e. car registration, transfer of car ownership, car insurance, etc. There were lots of cars parked along the road side.


Turn in right in front of this tall JPJ signboard

Look out for this sign which can been seen from far. Turn in right in front of this sign.


At the entrance, turn right to the open space carpark (cant enter carpark from the left). There is no parking charges.


I was there during lunch break (1.00 pm to 2.00 pm) and only renewal of driving license and individual road tax services are available during this hour. While waiting, I took the opportunity to reply messages, clear and leave old WhatsApp group chat and connect with friends.

People started queuing at 1.50pm and I followed suit. I have 73 customers in front of me and at 2.35pm, my number was called. I told the officer that I needed to replace lost driving license as my license was lost from robbery case. She requested for:

  1. Photocopy of temporary identification card (I/C)
  2. Photocopy of police report
  3. A copy of photograph – for officer to scan the photo and will be returned

The officer asked if I wish to extend the expiry date of my license and I increased it for another 3 years at RM90 in total. For my case, there was no other charges for the issuance of replacement driving license. The officer was very efficient and in a couple of minutes, she handed me payment receipt and asked me to proceed to Counter 16.

At Counter 16, the lady scanned my photo and print the replacement driving license. By 2.41pm, I collected my driving license. I was very impressed with the service at JPJ. The entire process took less than 45 minutes. The officer told me they strive to serve each customer at counter within 5 minutes.

On the first day, task 1 – Checked. Next, Task 2 is to cook dinner for my family.