Pantry Organisation

I always know my pantry should be more organized. And that’s was it. Nothing done for a long time.

Until this MCO when we couldn’t go out but to stay at home, I wanted to do a few mini projects so that by the end of MCO and CMCO, those days were not wasted but filled with memories and a few projects accomplished.

One of the few mini projects that I have on my list is pantry organization. I spent a lot of time over the long Hari Raya break browsing on internet and watched lots of YouTube to get some ideas on how and tips to organize pantry.

I saw few things that I like and also things that I should avoid, what suits my kitchen cabinet and practical to use. I want clear and transparent containers, with no prints and design, no other colours except white. It has to be in square shape to save storage space.

  1. I measured my kitchen cabinets, its length, height and depth and looked for products that fit into those measurements.
  2. I browsed through the products online in Lazada and Shopee and read the review on the products and sellers.
  3. Follow the seller. You may get seller vouchers and notified of seller promotion.
  4. Check on bulk purchase discount. I bought 4 items from the containers seller as they offered 13% discount for purchases of 4 items and above. It turned out cheaper that just buying 3 items.
  5. Get delivery voucher for shipping fee discount as most items were shipped from China. The shipping fee is quite costly.
  6. Check on credit card promotion. There are promotions with Citibank, CIMB, Maybank, etc.


1st Phase: Spice Jars

Since I have to cook during this MCO, I used these items more frequently now.


I wanted standard, clear bottles for spice storage and I bought these 12 pieces of square glass spice jars from Lazada. It came with proper packaging.

Caps and airtight lids to keep spices stay fresh longer.

Wash and dry before use.

I’m getting quite a number of questions on these spice jars since I posted it in my IG and FB. My friends love them too. I bought it from Lazada under seller “PickEgg”. This item has been sold out, replenished, sold out and the last I checked, it was replenished again.

Filled with my favourite spices.

For easy assess to these spice jars, I also bought rotating tray to put these spice jars as I will not be able to reach those at the back of my kitchen cabinet.

I can turn and easily assess to all of the spice jars but the turning is not very smooth.

High up on my kitchen cabinet.


2nd Phase: Dry Food Containers

I am right. I’m getting more questions for this. Before buying, I suggest the following:

  1. Open up your kitchen cabinets and list the items that you have.
  2. Categorise them and decide which items to be placed in wet kitchen and dry kitchens.
  3. Note down the contents volume so that you know how many containers of each sizes that you need.
  4. Measure your kitchen cabinets, height, depth and length.

I shortlisted 2 designs but I chose these albeit this is more expensive than the other.

I like this clear, clean, simple, neat looking design, made of BPA-free, durable plastic.

The containers stack well on top of each other due to the lids design. The height of the containers was also perfect for my kitchen cabinets.

There’s rubber at the bottom of the containers that are anti-slip and made them very stable. This seller was also having 13% discount for 4 items and above.

I saved almost $200 from seller promotion and shipping fee discount

The hard work results. Satisfaction. Stood there and admire it for awhile, love them so much. The kitchen cabinet is so much neater now and I can see in a glance what I have and what I need to stock up.


I bought the following labels to label my containers.


3rd Phase: Sauces and Bottles

Whenever I need to use sauces, I have to pull out the basket to reach the sauces. Sometimes, I need to move my hand around to reach those at the end row.

I saw this rotating tray. Just what I need and I bought it.


All these organisations will make cooking more enjoyable and life a little easier. I am very happy with the entire pantry organization results. Jaselyn said I’m very Auntie. Things like this ie organizing pantry, make me so happy. She must be thinking I’m such a boring Auntie.

Next on my list is to organize my fridge. I’m waiting for the items to arrive.