Birthday Celebration … just the way I like it!

My mother in-law brought Jared for holiday in Penang. They took a train up to Butterworth and took a ferry across the sea. It was my mother in-law’s idea. She wanted to spend some time with Jared and also to let Jared experience the ride to Penang on public transports. At the same time, we told Jared to take care of his Ah Ma.

After they came back from Penang, mother in-law stayed with us for a few days. We invited mother in-law to join us for our family dinner at my parents’ house. It was Hubby’s birthday too and I knew my parents and sister would prepare a feast for the birthday celebration. My youngest sister told me that she would make a cake for us too.


These were the dishes cooked by my parents and my eldest sister, Annie. Inclusive of soup, there were 9 dishes all together. It was like CNY reunion dinner. We really enjoyed the food and the great company of family members.

After dinner, my dad went out to get some soda drinks. He knew the kids love it.

My youngest sister made this Tiramisu cake for us. I’ve never tried making one whole Tiramisu cake. It takes lots of skill and confidence to make such cake. I’ve only made Tiramisu cakes in small glasses. Of course, I did not use any gelatine to hold the cake together.

The Birthday guy too busy for the Birthday gal.

The cake was so lovely with our names printed on wafer and had 3 layers. 

It was a simple dinner cooked by my parents and eldest sister, with lovely Tiramisu cake made by my youngest sister and celebrated with my parents, mother in-law, kids, sibblings, nieces and nephews … just the way I like it!


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