3 more weeks …

Exactly 3 more weeks to go …

In contrary to most belief, I really hope these 3 weeks will pass by slowly, really, really slowly for me to enjoy every bit of it. I know I’m going to miss this place. I’ve been with the company for more than 8 years and if I could, I would like to bring them along with me.

Ever since the announcement of my resignation sent out by my company, I have received lots of emails, phone calls and colleagues telling me they were sorry to hear about the resignation and how surprise they were about my career move. But I still have shy colleagues who did not approach me directly but instead asking other colleagues. Do talk to me while I’m still in the office, I will not get offended or upset about it. Work as usual and I am no less committed as before.

Oct 10 – Mobile Kitchen Launch. “We Love Food” cards made by me.

Never thought it’s so hard to resign from the company. I am still so passionate about the brand, the products, the work, the company and the people. No wonder with more than 23 years of working experience, this is only my 4th job. I do not like the scene and feeling of separation. Thinking about it makes me feel so emotional.

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