You Cheer Me Up

Every Chinese New Year, I will buy a few pots of flowers to cheer up the house for festive mood. For this year CNY, coincidently, both boys had birthday parties to attend on the Saturday before CNY. After dropping them off, I drove to Sg Buloh nurseries.

I bought these 2 pots of flowers, pink and purple, either from Lot 43 or Lot 44 of Sg Buloh nursery. Cant really remember which one as I was walking to a few of them. I chose a bigger pot for $15 each. The florist told me to water once a day and the flowers should last for a few months.

When the boys came home from birthday parties, Jaden said these flowers make the house looks cool, exciting and happy. I’ve been doing these for many, many years. I thought it’s only me. Didn’t know the boys love them too.

On the 14th day of CNY, I was on leave with another day of hospital and clinic for the two boys. It was a tiring and stressful day. When I came home and saw this blossom flowers, they cheered me up and made my day.

心想事成。Hope dreams come true.

So pretty. I like the happy feeling that these flowers bring.

Thanks to those bird shit from roof above. My sister swapped the pots to balance the nutrients for the flowers.

Today, a lady rang on my door bell, someone that I don’t know. I walked out to the gate and the lady said “Sorry to disturb you. May I know where did you buy these 2 pots of flowers? They are really, really nice. Everyday I jog passed your house, I always admire them”.

That’s so nice to hear. Yes, I love them too.

She told me she had taken photos of my pots of flowers and showed it to the nursery that she went. However, the nursery didn’t have the same type of flowers. He told her “This owner must has green fingers. Can grow the flowers so nice”. She was disappointed.

I gave her the leaf just so she can get the same type of flowers. She was so happy.

I bought these 2 pots of flowers cause they were so pretty and now they have grown gorgeous. Everyday when I drive in and out of the house, I always stop and admire them.

I have taken lots of photos of these flowers. Every now and then, I’ll stop and smell the flowers and capture them in my phone.

A few of our guests thought they are fake ones 😃 

My best $30 investment.

Thank you for cheering me up!