Lawrence Walters Seminar – My Learning and Reflections

It has been a busy period at work with budget planning for 2017, 2016 year end close, latest forecast, Finance team day, etc. The good thing about these is the days passed by so, so fast.


Photo credit to Johann Ng

We are now at Grand Lexis, Port Dickson for our company team building, with Lawrence Walters Seminar delivered by Master Brandon Chua.


Garden Villa with private pool.

The first thing that caught my eyes about Brandon Chua was the pant that he was wearing. Very unique and unusual. Once Brandon started speaking, his level of energy and passion was so powerful that he diverted my attention to his words.


At the end of the day, we were given reflections assignment to do which will earn us more team rewards. For me, it is not about rewards, but I don’t want to spend 3 days away from home for another ordinary seminar, which when I go back to office, the training materials will be in my office cabinets, adding on to those other seminars that I’ve attended..

Talking about passion, I’m doing my passion to write now. At this hour, I should be sleeping but I just want to pen down my takeaway from today’s 1st day of Lawrence Walter Seminars while they are still fresh in my mind. Will KISS. Keep it Short and Sweet as I miss the bed too.


It is not a problem but a Challenge to push ourselves to the next level. I remember Brandon’s advice of when faced with challenge, go to toilet, put the strong leg in front, move the body to the front, use the right hand and say to yourself “Challenge. Challenge. Challenge”. Then, you will be ready to face the challenge. You can do better and Challenge is an opportunity for us to move to the next level.


95% of our life is controlled by our Pattern, an automatic robotic behavious. It is either a lousy one or extraordinary. The good news is we can create a new pattern and it just take 7 days to form a pattern. Don’t just do enough. Do it with Passion and aim for Extraordinary (XO) that you will receive “Wow” from those surroundings you. We watched The Death Crawl scene from Facing the Giants, an inspirational scene when we pushed ourselves to be extraordinary.

We win as a team. When it’s positive, say “I support you”. When the results is not good, remember to encourage the person and say “You can do it better”. We are a TEAM and Together Everyone Achieve More. No CBEG aka Complain, Blame, Excuses and Gossip. Take action.

JUICE. Do Join Us In Creating Expansion

Do a check on yourself and your colleagues. How’s your Energy today?


Check out our Energy

4 arrows of Power Communication – SHIT ie Strategy, High Energy, Intensity of Eye-Contact and Transfer of Feelings. In order to transfer feeling, punch the key words when we say it. We need to listen and stay silent to listen.

We watched Pretty Woman of Richard Gere and Julia Robert quarreled scene, how they got angry, walked away and at the end made up, when there’s appropriate power of communication.


The parting words from Brandon today “Sawleng, your team needs you”. Simple words and yet it stuck in my mind.


To lead people, we have to stop being an achiever, start being a teamleader.


The other reflections assignment is to contact 6 persons to show appreciation for their support. When we were back to hotel room, I thanked K Nuch for all her support to GSM reportings over late nights and public holiday. We may have communication problem  but we are progressing well. We ended it with a HUG.

When K Nuch had her shower, I called Hubby. Throughout our 15.5 years of relationship, we have been through lots of ups and down. And we live in a busy lives with 2 rascal boys at home, commitments, obligations, expectation, etc. So much so, we take each other for granted. I called him to say “Thank you for your support. Because of you, I pushed myself to be better, to do my best. I want you to be proud of me. And I want our boys to be proud of me too”. Hubby acknowledged what I said. Guess he was wondering what happened, what’s wrong, why the sudden.


I’ll be there.

And Yes, I created another Instagram account today and the setting is Public. I’ve shared some XO photos there. Good things are meant to be shared.

Take action now!


Photo credit to Johann Ng


With my team at gala dinner at the end of teambuilding