Contribute to ACCA Community

And so that’s how it started …. an email to Head of ACCA Media on 24 Aug 2015 with the subject “Contribute to ACCA Community”.

In the email, of course, I introduced myself and gave my ACCA background ie studying ACCA on part time basis while pursuing my career with Coopers & Lybrand (now known as PricewaterhouseCoopers). I have the passion to write and share my knowledge, just as in my blog here. The purpose I approached ACCA was to offer my service, be it contribute articles or as speaker to young accountants or ACCA members who inspire to be accountant, sharing my journey and challenges to be a qualified accountant today. Or any other suggestions to collaborate and work together as I just wished to make the best use of my time and contribute to the society while in between jobs then.

A week later, I received a reply from him introducing me to the editor of Student Accountant magazine.

After 3.5 weeks, there was still no news from the editor and I was thinking if I should pursue it further. Probably, ACCA didn’t think it was a good idea or my suggestions were not good enough. Then I remembered my first boss, Chris Wong, told me this “You don’t ask, you don’t get”. And so I wrote a follow up email to ACCA.

After almost 3 weeks later, the reply finally came! The editor of ACCA Student Accountant Magazine was thinking about the best way to use my expertise. With few emails exchanged, we agreed on series of articles by me, sharing my experience, challenges and learning on “My Life as an Accountant” starting from ACCA students life to Head of Finance of MNC. I proposed the titles of my articles in line with my journey and experience from ACCA students to finance professional with the aim to guide, prepare and inspire our ACCA students.Capture

After 5 months of working together and planning, the first article Why Accountancy was published on 28 January. I wrote about my ambition of being Accountant since I was 6 years old. ACCA editor has done some editing to my articles to make it short and sweet. I was so thrilled and read it again and again.

The 2nd article, My ACCA Journey was published on 5 Feb, just a week after the 1st article was published. I wrote about why I chose ACCA and the struggles that I had in studying ACCA on part time basis. I was feeling a little shy after reading this 2nd article. However, ACCA editor told me that they were very happy and thank me for being honest about all the required motivation and sacrifices while getting through the ACCA qualification. They added that having an honest profile is a great way for other students to identify with especially having to juggle between work, study and life. It will be a real boost to students reading about my story and eventual transfer to ACCA membership. I was so motivated by them.


As of today, I’ve submitted 4 articles to ACCA of which 3 articles have been published. In the 3rd article, An Eagerness to Learn, I wrote about my worries of not doing and learning enough at the start of my career and how I see an opportunity in every problem.


ACCA requested for photos to go along with my articles. I gave photos of myself taken about the same time as the stage of my series of articles. Unfortunately, some of the photos quality were not good enough for its sharpness.

Some asked me if I get paid for writing these series of articles for ACCA. No, I don’t and I never expected it. As I mentioned from the very beginning, I offered my service to contribute to ACCA community. I just wish to make the best use of my time and contribute to the society while I was in between jobs. My hope is to learn from this experience and be a better mentor/coach for upcoming accountants.

My learning from this is “be humble” and yet have a strong determination to achieve your dreams. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Sometimes, we are just not at the right place, the right time. In fact, I’ve tried this with ACCA back in September 2012. After a few emails exchange, it stopped and I was too shy to enquire further, thinking my work probably wasn’t good enough.

I’m glad that I finally found the right place, the right time. Thanks ACCA for the opportunity and most importantly, for believing in me!