Tiramisu …. on a lovely Sunday

I had a very nice Nutella chocolate cake with a friend at Melur and Thymes on Friday, as our dessert with latte and flat white. My friend asked me “Do you still bake?”. Hmmm … hardly, except for simple butter cake.

On the same evening, my sister bought for us kuih bahulu. Immediately, tiramisu came to my mind. Kuih bahulu is a nice substitute for sponge fingers in making tiramisu.

On Sunday morning, after simple coffee breakfast and housework, I made Tiramisu, the way I like it. After a few years of baking, to me, the secret to a successful cake is in our mood. We must be feeling relax, calm and not rush over time. And that is just how I felt this morning while making this tiramisu.


Assembly station.



2nd layer of Kuih bahulu soaked in coffee flavored liqueur, Kahlua.


WP_20150419_014 (2)

Almost done. Need to refrigerate several hours until set.



I chose Kahlua over bailey for the coffee flavored liqueur.

I finished making them just in time. Still have some time to wash up all the utensils and clean up the kitchen, before freshen up for lunch with family.


Very nice timsum and seafood lunch with family at Unique Seafood.


We had very nice lunch with parents, sisters and families at Unique Seafood.


Dusting cocoa powder over set tiramisu.





















Presenting to you my tiramisu. It has been a long, long time since I last made them. Gave 6 cups to sister and we had them over tea time. Everyone is happy to enjoy my tiramisu again.

I feel extremely good to have time to bake and now to blog about it … to do things that I’m passionate about and to spend quality time with family and friends. It matters to me.