Christmas Tree, Lightings, Presents, Celebrations and All

Christmas is coming and I’m loving it! I like the Christmas decorations in shopping malls and hotels, Christmas songs, Christmas presents, Christmas celebrations and the spirits of sharing and giving.

Auntie YC has been buying Christmas presents for Jared and Jaden every year. A few weeks before Christmas, she would remind and ask the boys what would they like to have for Christmas presents. Even today, Jared remembers that she got for him a PSP when PSP was just launched and he was only 3 years old.

This year, Auntie YC gave them budget of RM200 each for their Christmas presents. Jared and Jaden had been discussing among themselves every day and finally came out with the following list of toys they wish to have as their Christmas presents. We enjoyed watching the both of them discussed and calculate the total costs of toys selected by them and adjust the lists to be within the budget given.


On the Christmas presents shopping day, Auntie YC wanted to buy Christmas tree and ornaments. It was so fun deciding on the size of the Christmas tree, the theme and then the ornaments to match the theme. Auntie YC decided on Red and Silver theme for the Christmas tree. The entire family chosen so many ornaments that the sales girl told us we had too many ornaments and would be too heavy for the tree. We spent almost RM700 on the Christmas tree.


The 3 boys set up the Christmas tree while I was in-charge of putting up all the ornaments. This is the first time that we put up a Christmas tree.


This is my first … and I felt good and satisfied that we managed to put a pretty decent Christmas tree :).

altAj0kzyDQJgwUfEMvSnJHHl7vkYTl63_4703lOgZmp1Dz_jpg[1]In office, my new boss wanted to get Christmas presents for us and my colleague suggested Starbuck’s tumbler. After lunch, we went to Starbucks to choose our water tumbler. The tumblers were quite expensive at RM65 each.


Nicole invited Susan and I to her house for tea party today. Both of them are good bakers. As I have to work and without maid now, I told them I would not be able to bake anything. In return, we got Christmas presents for the kids. These presents were chosen by Jared and Jaden. We asked them to choose presents for Claire, Colin, Jayde and Jayden based on their sex and age.


When we reached Nicole’s house today, we saw this impressive table setting with lovely food on her dining table, filled with Christmas atmosphere.


She made this lovely, cheesy quiche. Claire helped her with the sausage.


She also made tortilla with roasted turkey meat, mushroom and cheese.


This chocolate cupcakes and coffee frosting were moist and decorated with Christmas liners and toppers.


Susan made these chocolate and orange macaroons. They looked so perfect and even. Other than these, Susan also gave us a box each to bring home.


Strawberry, marshmallow, grapes and banana with chocolate fondue.


Nicole’s house is also decorated with Christmas decoration and I like this purple theme Christmas tree.


Just before we went back, Nicole gave us this mince tart made by her personally. Look at the details and thought that she put in decorating this container.


Not only that, we also have the following from her to take home. Nicole is a good party planner and we can expect lots of “Wow” from each and every of her parties.


Next, I’m looking forward to my office’s Christmas party next week and roast turkey dinner at Auntie YC’s house on Christmas day!