Career and Family

2 weeks ago, I received an email from my company’s New Employee Assistant titled “Happy 1-Year Anniversary”. How time flies, I’ve been with the company for a year now. Honeymoon period is over, no more excuses and can’t say “I’m new” anymore 🙁

The ride so far has been (very) bumpy and definitely not quite straightforward. I had the set of challenges while I also have set of opportunities. I’m no longer a people manager, instead I’ve to report to a manager who is younger than me. sighhh.

Looking back, I think this is good for me. While I was climbing up the corporate ladder, this allows me to step back, experience, reflect and learn from it. I understand staff feeling better, I knew the frustration of staff and the expectation of staff from their manager as I certainly have expectation from my manager now. I promised myself that I will be a better manager when I become one again 🙂

There’s lot of opportunities to learn in this company, especially the rhythm of business and the way we communicate and share as a community. In the span of one year, I’ve attended so many conferences inclusive of conference in Atlanta, training in Singapore twice, trainings in local office, townhalls, online trainings, etc. There are so many community calls and learning circle in the company. The word “leverage” and “share” are keys here.

On personal side, I suddenly realized we’ve been eating out a lot since Moch went back. I felt like cooking (not baking). Must focus on “must have” and not “nice to have” when time is not on our side.

Early morning, I went to my favourite TTDI market for groceries shopping. Have not been to the market for a while and I saw two Porsche in the car park. Is this the new trend now, driving sports car to market or TTDI market become so high end already?

It was good to catch up with the aunties from the market. I bought some roast pork as I intended to fry rice for lunch. Bought pork ribs to boil soup, prawns (small and large for pasta, fry with vegetables, etc), cod fish to steam for dinner, dory fish for fish and chips, chicken, vegetables, mango, etc. Stopped at Soya bean stall and Bake with Yen to buy bread crumbs and self raising flour.

When I reached home, I quickly cleaned up all the seafood and meat that I bought. I cooked fried rice for lunch and this is my first time attempting to cook fried rice.


Fried rice with prawn, roast pork, long bean, onion and egg,

The taste was not bad actually.

After lunch, we went to Parkson to get running shoes for Jared. He has outgrown his current pair. Ever since the advice from Jaden’s food podiatric, we are very particular when selecting the right pair of shoes for our boys.


Adidas running shoes that cost RM199.

 We always end up buying Adidas shoes.

After a short stop at MPH, we went home and it was time to cook dinner.


Tumeric Chicken

Jared requested for his favourite Tumeric Chicken and it wasn’t hard to cook this.


Steamed White Codfish with Ginger Garlic Sauce

I got this steam codfish recipe from The Star Kuali, Amy Beh’s recipe. Hubby said the fish was nicely done, not overcooked. The flesh was fresh and tender.


Hubby’s famous Steamed Egg

This is by Hubby. Our family love the steamed egg by him as it’s smooth and soft. We always don’t have enough to go round among us despite him steaming 3 eggs. I told him to steam 4 eggs but he refused to listen. He just love us fighting over his steamed egg.


Kou Gei with Fish Ball Soup

This Kou Gei Soup is Jaden’s favourite. In fact, all these dishes are dishes that Moch used to cook for us and the boys have been missing them. I’m glad that we can cook pretty close to the food that we used to eat at home. Everyone was happy. I’m not a bad cook after all.

After dinner, it’s time to wash up all the pots and dishes, threw away rubbish and mop the floor. I was so tired at the end of it. My weekend was gone and it’s not easy to have Career and Family in our life. It’s not impossible but lot’s of choices to make and sacrifices in between.

And this is the choice that I made!


Myopia (short sighted) in kids are getting more and more common and it is a concern for parents like us with growing up kids. While kids may look cute and adorable in their glasses, I always feel heartache when I see them wiping their tears underneath their glasses, when they are playing outdoor activities (running, playing football, badminton, etc) with glasses on. It is so inconvenient and they cant enjoy the outdoor activities fully.

Today, Hubby went to see ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist told Hubby that there are 4 causes of myopia:

  1. Genetics
  2. Too much of near vision activities – read too closely, video games, etc
  3. Lack of outdoor, natural lights. Study in Australia of group of children shows that the rate of growth for myopia is much lower for those kids with outdoor activities of 2 hours a day
  4. Type of glasses/lens that we wear. Recommended to wear Bifocals, varifocals or myovision lenses with approximately 30% reduction in myopic progression.

Recently, a daughter of our friend has stopped wearing glasses. Her mother told us that her daughter was wearing Orthokeratology, also known as Ortho-K, Overnight Vision Correction and Corneal Refractive Therapy. This hard lenses will temporarily reshape our cornea to reduce refractive errors such as myopia, farsightedness and astigmatism. However, this requires lots of discipline in terms of eyes hygiene.