Electrolux Washing-thon, the 1st Outdoor Washing Marathon for Charity

One of my many “Likes” in Electrolux is its activities which are related to home appliances. We can relate very closely to those activities, as all of us will have at least one home appliance at home. We cook, we wash clothes, we clean our house, etc.

This time round, Electrolux is organizing its very 1st outdoor washing marathon, Washing-thon, a corporate social responsibility initiative that aims to give back to the community in support of the needy and less privilege.

Through this Washing-thon event, Electrolux targets to collect, wash, dry and fold at least 3,000 pieces of donated clothes that will be distributed through Grace Community Services, reaching orphanages, women’s home, drug addict centre, poor families and Orang Asli in East Malaysia.

The Washing-thon will be held at Citta Mall from 1st to 4th Nov 12. There will be fun activities during this period.

Electrolux Washing-thon truck

You may donate your old usable clothes by dropping them off at designated points and placed them in one of those collection bins around Klang Valley. From now till the Washing-thon event, there will be mobile, Washing-thon truck that will go around to collect donated clothes from designated points and to be washed during Washing-thon!

You can also be a part of Washing-thon by being a volunteer! Electrolux is looking for volunteers from 1 to 4 November 12 to join the Electrolux team to help sorting out donated clothes before washing (the whites from the colored) and to fold clothes once they are washed and dried using Electrolux washing machines and dryers.

To register as a volunteer, simply drop an email to my.passion@electrolux.com with the following details:

  • Name:
  • Contact No:
  • Date:
  • Time you wish to volunteer – 10am-3pm or 3pm-8pm, or whole day

Do support Electrolux in this meaningful corporate social responsibility initiative and good cause by sharing with your family members, friends and colleagues on this meaningful event! Do help to collect clothes from your family members and bring them along to Citta Mall as there’ll be activities line up for children and adults.

Remember this:

  1. Date:               From 10am, 1 Nov 12 to 6pm, 4 Nov 12
  2. Venue:             Citta Mall, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya
  3. How you can contribute:
  4. Electrolux Contacts:

See you there!

End of One, the Begining of Another

The day came and gone.

FY and I were in meetings for almost the entire day of our last working day. We could not have our farewell lunch with our colleagues. Instead, we had working lunch in the office.

My old office, no more office in new company

YF came over to our office to take photos with us. He reminded us that he’ll be the only staff from pre-GSSC left. 

My team post GSSC

My team post GSSC. Though we did not have the quantity, we have the quality. Love them much …

The guy who bought us the farewell cake

Since we did not have farewell lunch with our colleagues, after meetings, Wendy suggested and Edmund went down to get us a Tiramisu cake. They were so sweet and thoughtful.

Bye Bye … till we meet again!

Did not expect GSSC staff to come over to our office and asked to take photos with us. There were lots of hugs and best wishes. After work, we had Japanese dinner with our boss.

Today, I report to work for my new job. It’s a new day with a new beginning and a new hope. I wore my brand new Zara dress, which I pampered myself cause the dress cost me RM359. Before I left home for work, Hubby told me “Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy it”.

It was raining, I left house at 7.29am to drive to KL and it took me 1 hour and 35 minutes to reach carpark that cost me RM10 per entry. Gosh … how can KL welcome me this way?

The only consolidation is to have Richard and Sarah from LiteFM to accompany me throughout the long drive. They were discussing about work life balance with lots of callers calling in. With total duration of 3 hours to commute in and out of work, I wonder how can I have work life balance.

In the evening, my brother called me to ask me about my new job. He told me “You are very capable and I’m proud of you. You always give more than what others expected of you”. Yes … I must remember that!

No matter what, I will give myself an opportunity to adjust into this new work life and I’ll strive to do my best.

Oh ya …  I miss Kakak’s coffee at my old office.




Tomorrow will be my last day with my employer after a wonderful 99 months. It is with mixed emotions that I’m writing this post.

My boss sent a short and sweet announcement on my resignation. Those kind words mean a lot to me of my contribution and achievement in Electrolux.

Teambuilding during Controllers’ Conference in Bintan – Nov 2007

I was surprise when my colleague, KF came and say goodbye to me on Wednesday. He was about to leave for Ipoh and he knew he wont see me on my last day on Friday. It was such a sweet thought.

Another colleague from other office sent me a well wishes mail and mentioned “It has been … professionally stimulating to work with you, and I have for sure learned one or two things”. Professionally stimulating … hmmm, how interesting!

Launch of Passion for Clothes – Oct 2008

My 8 years tenure with the company has been a memorable one.

My boss and I have a very similar name … KSH and KSL and we both have the same surname. We both joined the company about the same time, both in July 2004. The colleagues then thought we are related.

I remembered an incidence where my boss and I were attending budget meeting in Bangkok. When we checked in to the hotel …

  • The hotel staff asked “One room or two?”
  •  I replied “He is my boss”.
  • My boss asked “Why? You think she’s my wife?”
  • The hotel staff answered “No, I thought she’s your daughter”.

The not so good memory was my car got scratched in office car park. It was a brand new car then. Unfortunately, the building CCTV was not functioning and it was then, I felt so unsafe to work in that office building. When my boss asked me to take a look at new office building Jaya 33, I knew our company has to relocate there for branding and staff security purpose.

CEO Mr Hans Straberg visit to Singapore – Sep 2010

No, I didn’t take FY along with me. She resigned a month earlier than me and is now extending her service till this Friday. She’s brave and have the courage to start up her own business which has a good business model. I have good faith in her and I know she will succeed.

My team before the move to GSSC – May 2011

Oh no … I’m gonna miss all these cooking and baking activities by the company. 

An Evening with Anna Olson – Nov 2010

Culinary Experience at Cilantro – Oct 2012

My advice to staff is to see opportunity in every problem and not problem in every opportunity. Do appreciate every opportunity that your superior presented to you and try your best.

Try if you Fail, but never Fail to Try

Try if you fail but never fail to try. This little reminder has been following me for almost 20 years, since my first job with Coopers & Lybrand (now known as Pricewaterhousecoopers). Every time, when the path is difficult with obstacles, I will look at it and take a deep breath.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to those who have provided support and helping hands in time of needy. It has been a great pleasure working with you all.

I apologize if I have offended anyone during my tenure with the Company. It’s nothing personal, it’s just business.

Forget me not!


1 more week …

One more week, 5 working days … This will be my last working week with my current employer.

After my resignation and announcement of resignation went out, all I wish for is a smooth transition from my current employer to new one.

The last working day with the company had been discussed and finalised. I do feel guilty for leaving the team but I was offered an opportunity that I do not want to pass up. I try not to think too much but rather, concentrate on making the final weeks pleasant and professional.

My replacement has been found and reported to work a week ago. FY and I are doing our handover now. At the same time, I’m trying to complete those projects that I’m currently working on.

The last time that I resigned from my job was 9 years ago. I almost forget how to resign from a job, except how my staff resigned on me. I used to advice my staff not to burn bridges and there is just no sense in making enemies.

Important rules when resigning from any job:

  1. Do not leave on bad terms. We should never burn any bridges but to act professionally and make a graceful departure from our employer. The World is so small and we never know when we’ll meet our former boss and colleagues again or a former employer through a merger or acquisition.
  2. Help current employer to find replacement and work with our replacement / successor for a smooth transition and handover.
  3. Do not disappears during the last weeks on the job. As long as we are still drawing salary from current employer, we still have to discharge our duties and responsibilities as a staff of the company. As such, stay as an active member of the team.
  4. Do not spend time bragging to colleagues about our great new opportunity … just in case you dont make it at the new place.
  5. Do our best to complete all open assignments and leave detailed notes for your colleagues.
  6. Do a thorough Housekeeping of office, notebook, etc. Do not under estimate the time required to perform these task.
    • Clear personal files, remove personal software and information from computer.
    • Remove belongings from office ie Photo frames, cards, etc
    • Copy photos from office albums for memories keepsake
    • Organise workspace.
  7. Complete resignation checklist and return company’s properties ie Office access cards and keys, notebook, medical card,etc
  8. Some nice, thoughtful colleagues will invite you for farewell meals. Those farewell meals will be more than expected (unless you’ve burnt the bridges during notice period) and would take up the time that you thought you could stay back to finish off work. I would recommend to combine some of the farewell meals, else the waistline will get bigger.

This last week at work will see more meetings and discussions and farewell lunches and dinners. This week is also Jared’s final term exam.

I’ve seen doctors twice over the last 2 weekends. First visit was for bone inflamation and the 2nd visit was for inner nose swelling. Guess my body is feeling the anxiety too.

Lastly, today I received a pre-boarding email from my future employer.