Mee Siam

It’s my birthday! It is also “treasure memories” 4th birthday! I declare for myself a day off from work today.

My birthday wish was to have Mee Siam for lunch. Mee Siam which means “Siamese noodle” is a dish of thin rice noodles (vermicelli) in spicy, sweet and sour light gravy. Have not had a good Mee Siam for a long, long time. My very first maid learnt from my Mother in-law and she cooked very good Mee Siam. We used to have family members and friends over just for the Mee Siam.

This time round, while Mother in-law (MIL) was staying with us, I told her my birthday wish and she immediately agreed to cook for me! Love her so much for this!

Mee Siam cooked by my Mother in-law for my Birthday

I asked MIL to teach Moch to cook Mee Siam and this is what I had for my Birthday lunch. It was so yummy and satisfying. Moch asked me to let her know whenever I feel like eating it again.


    • 1/4 cup oil
    • 6 shallots
    • 3 cloves garlic
    • Chili boh / paste
    • 1 tbsp preserved soya beans (tau cheong)
    • 250g medium-size prawns, shelled
    • 1 cup stock or water
    • 250g rice vermicelli or meehoon, soaked for five minutes and drained
    • 200g beansprouts, remove root tips
    • 2 pieces fried beancurd (tau kwa), sliced
    • 2 pieces of fish cake, sliced
    • 100g chives, cut into 4cm-5cm lengths
    • 1 tsp sugar or to taste
    • 1 tbsp Nampla (fish sauce)
    • Lime juice


    • Chopped spring onions
    • 2 limes or tamarind, cut into wedges
    • 2 hard-boiled eggs, quartered or thinly sliced egg omelet
    • 1 red chilli, sliced
    • Shallot crisps


  1. Heat oil in a wok
  2. Stir-fry shallot and garlic until fragrant.
  3. Add Chili boh / paste and preserved soya beans (tau cheong)
  4. Add prawns and stock, then bring to a boil and simmer for five minutes.
  5. Add meehoon and beansprouts. Stir-fry.
  6. Mix in beancurd slices and chives and toss the meehoon well.
  7. Add sugar and fish sauce for seasoning and a squeeze of lime juice and toss again.
  8. Dish mee siam onto platter. Garnish before serving.

After the satisfying lunch, I went to Beaubelle to have my birthday pampering session ie body scrub, jacuzzi and aromatherapy body massage.

Genting Strawberry Park and Lavender Farm

On the way down from Genting Highland, we stopped at Genting Strawberry Park and Lavender Farm. We wanted to have our afternoon tea at the Strawberry Cafe. 

At the entrance of Genting Strawberry Park

It was drizzling then. Luckily, the Strawberry Park is a covered park. The admission to the park is free.

It was a nice feeling in the park with cool weather, greenery and lots of red strawberries. 

Genting Lavender Farm

The last time that we visited this park, there was no Lavender Farm. This time round, we visited the Lavender Farm. The lavenders look so pretty in different purple shades. The whole farm smells very nice too.

In Lavender Shop

Comparing to the Lavender Garden that I visited in Seoul, the only disappointment is the Lavender Shop sells fake lavenders, rather than the real or dried lavenders. The shop looked quite empty look, probably it was still new.

Fresh vegetables were on sales there too. As it was drizzling, the man decided to sell these vegetables at lower price (four packet of vegetables at RM10) as there was not many visitors to the park. I bought 12 packets of vegetables for RM30, enough for our family to consume for a week. Some of the vegetables were cling wrap to protect the freshness of the vegetables.

Genting Strawberry Cafe

At the Genting Strawberry Cafe, there were coffee in strawberry flavour for sale too. Personally, I prefer the normal and original coffee taste.

For our afternoon tea, we had strawberry coffee (2 cups for RM9.80), strawberry milk shake (RM10.90), french fries (RM7) and waffle (RM4). The kids love eating french fries in raining and cold weather. The waffle was undercooked as the texture was not crispy. We provided our feedback to the lady owner and suggested how to present the waffle in a nicer and more presentable manner. 

I was hoping to see strawberry cakes and more varieties of pastries in the cafe. Hopefully, more visitors will frequent the cafe and the cafe can have more varieties of food for selection.

Ming Ren Restaurant, Resort World Genting

Hubby and I enjoyed the food at Ming Ren Restaurant which is famous for its Lamb Specialty Cuisine. The last time that we were in Genting Highland with my parents, we brought them there for dinner. Unfortunately, we were refused entry as we did not make any dinner reservation.

The restaurant entrance

This time round, Hubby made a reservation a day earlier. The staff adviced Hubby to be punctual at the restaurant as they will only hold on for our reservation for 15 minutes.

Quiet corner with nice view

We were ushered to this quiet corner with nice view of Genting. 

Mini Yellow Rice (RM3++ per bowl)

This yellow rice were cooked with shallots and have a nice aroma and taste. Ever since we’ve tasted this rice, we’ll always order this yellow rice and not the normal white rice.

HK Kailan (RM18++)

HK Kailan vegetables

Yam Papaya Soup (RM12++ per bowl)

Soup for Jaden. We ordered one portion which came in bigger bowl. I’ve divided the soup into smaller bowl for Jared too.

Beancurd Hot Plate (RM16++ for small)

Beancurd for the 2 boys.

Lamb Chunk (RM32++ for small pot)

The last time that we dined at Ming Ren, we ordered 2 types of lamb, Roasted Lamb Ribs and Roast Lamb Skewer. This time round, we ordered Lamb Chunk and Roast Lamb Skewer.

Roast Lamb Skewer (RM8++ each)

The Lamb Skewer in Xinjiang’s traditional spices and seasonings make Ming Ren’s “Lamb Specialty Cuisine” undoubtedly some of the most tantalising, tender and succulent lamb dishes around!

The service at Ming Ren was good. The staff were very attentive.

Jasmine Tea

As we walked out from the restaurant, the staff greeted Hubby and wished him Happy Birthday. The service was so personalised.

Ming Ren Restaurant

Level 2, Highlands Hotel


Things to do in Genting Highland

Mother in-law must have been very tired from all the travels by public transports during the Hari Raya festive holiday. She travelled from Segamat to KL by train, took Jared to Penang by train and ferry, came back to KL by bus and going back to Segamat by train. Hubby asked her to stay with us for a few more days to break the travels.

After 2 days of rest at home, we went up to Genting Highland for 2D1N short holiday. We drove up on late Saturday afternoon and checked in to Resorts World Hotel. After settling down in the hotel, we took a walk to First World Hotel. As I was walking and talking to my mother in-law, I realised it was my first holiday with her.

My mother in-law is a very strong lady. She does lots of charity work, especially for the Breast Cancer society in Segamat. She’s the one who suggested to Hubby and I to have annual holiday by ourselves without our kids and encouraged me to have “Me Time”. During the walk, I started to miss my late father in-law whom I didn’t spend much time with and to get to know him better ever since I married to Hubby.

Magic show at First World Hotel

Genting Highland was having Genting International Magic Festival 2012 during that period. There were magic shows on stage at First World Hotel. Hubby took mother in-law to check out the new wing of casino at First World Hotel.

The Visitors’ Galleria

 We also went to the The Visitors’ Galleria.

Hubby sharing information on Genting Highland with his mother

At the galleria, there were lots of photos, information and history about the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong and Genting Highland. There was also video presentation about their stories and histories.

More to see in The Visitors’ Galleria

 Awards, certificates, gifts, etc on display.

Ming Ren Restaurant

We had our dinner at Ming Ren Restaurant.

Superstars of Magic 2

We had earlier bought 5 tickets to watch this Superstars of Magic 2 show at Genting International Showroom. 

Genting International Showroom hall … photo taken from our seats

We had very good seats, at the centre and close to the stage.

The magic show was excellent! Really excellent that we wanted to watch it again. There were so many awesome and international standard of magic acts. Two of the acts, World’s Greatest Escape Artist by Dean Gunnarson and World’s Best Quick Change Act by Sos and Victoria Petrosyan were in Guinness World Records. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take photos inside the hall.

The next morning, we watched more street magic shows and there were stalls selling magic tricks things. They were quite entertaining. 

Magic Colour Book for the 2 boys

There were so many magic tricks things on sales. Jared chosen this Magic Colour Book (RM25). Not bad, with this book, Jared and Jaden can show a magic act.

Restaurant Hainan Kitchen

We had our lunch, the Hainan Chicken Rice at Restaurant Hainan Kitchen. We particularly like its white chicken with its chili sauce.

More performances at First World Hotel

On the way down from Genting Highland, we stopped at Strawberry and Lavendar Park for tea. 

Birthday Celebration … just the way I like it!

My mother in-law brought Jared for holiday in Penang. They took a train up to Butterworth and took a ferry across the sea. It was my mother in-law’s idea. She wanted to spend some time with Jared and also to let Jared experience the ride to Penang on public transports. At the same time, we told Jared to take care of his Ah Ma.

After they came back from Penang, mother in-law stayed with us for a few days. We invited mother in-law to join us for our family dinner at my parents’ house. It was Hubby’s birthday too and I knew my parents and sister would prepare a feast for the birthday celebration. My youngest sister told me that she would make a cake for us too.


These were the dishes cooked by my parents and my eldest sister, Annie. Inclusive of soup, there were 9 dishes all together. It was like CNY reunion dinner. We really enjoyed the food and the great company of family members.

After dinner, my dad went out to get some soda drinks. He knew the kids love it.

My youngest sister made this Tiramisu cake for us. I’ve never tried making one whole Tiramisu cake. It takes lots of skill and confidence to make such cake. I’ve only made Tiramisu cakes in small glasses. Of course, I did not use any gelatine to hold the cake together.

The Birthday guy too busy for the Birthday gal.

The cake was so lovely with our names printed on wafer and had 3 layers. 

It was a simple dinner cooked by my parents and eldest sister, with lovely Tiramisu cake made by my youngest sister and celebrated with my parents, mother in-law, kids, sibblings, nieces and nephews … just the way I like it!


Early Birthday Treat at Le Midi Restaurant @ BSC


Hubby’s and my birthday is just a few days apart. Auntie YC offered to take us out for a lovely birthday dinner. She wanted to take us to Le Midi Restaurant at Bangsar Shopping Centre. Since it’s a long festive holiday, we decided to have an early birthday treat on Monday, the 2nd day of Hari Raya.

The restaurant setting.

The waiter told us that their dinner set menu was not available on that day. Probably due to short of staff working on that Raya holiday.  

Jelly fish in designer aquarium

Photo taken by Jaden

Since Jared is having holiday in Penang with his grand mother, we brought Jaden along for the dinner.

Lemidi chef variation of appetizers (RM68++)

To start with, we had Lemidi chef variation of appetizers and Mediterranean Seafood salad. Hubby likes the seafood salad made with extra virgin olive oil, seasonal vegetables, cherry tomatoes, garlic and lemon.

Mediterranean Seafood Salad (RM38++)

Broth of Scallops (RM28++)

 Auntie YC had this scallops broth. She didn’t quite like it as the broth was a little blend.

Cappuccino of Wild Mushrooms, Black Truffle foam (RM30++)

 Mushroom soup … Jaden’s favourite.

Grain fed Wagyu Sirloin with Balsamic reduction and rocket salad (RM118++)

If we are eating out, Hubby is very likely to order beef, since we do not cook beef at home. Hubby gave a thumb ups for this Wagyu Sirloin that he had it with red wine.

Dutch Lemon Sole, Fennel sauce with glazed vegetables (RM98++)

Auntie YC ordered this pan seared Lemon Sole and had it with White Wine.

Perreney Lamb Rack with Rosemary, Red Wine reduction and seasonal vegetables (RM108++)

Jaden chose to have lamb for main course and I ordered this lamb rack to share with him. I like the taste of the lamb with the red wine.

Dessert Platter (RM68++)

After dinner, Auntie YC recommended that we should try their desserts, especially this is for our birthday celebration.

We requested the restaurant to recommend their desserts. The restaurant owner, Ms Melissa Groot suggested that she will ask the kitchen to prepare a dessert platter for us to experience the few varieties of desserts that the restaurant offer.

Lemon Ricotta Tart, Panna Cotta, Profiteroles and Almond Parfait

From Top, left: Lemon Ricotta Tart, Panna Cotta with passion fruit coulis, Profiteroles with warm chocolate sauce and toasted almond and Almond Parfait.

All of the desserts were yummy. We particularly like the Panna Cotta and Lemon Ricotta Tart. In fact, the Almond Parfait was very nice too and so was the Profiteroles. So, all of the desserts were good. I would love to return to the restaurant just for the desserts. 

The Happy Me with the lovely dessert platter.

This is also my first photo with my new hair cut (cut it two days ago).

Haha … the clean plate. Who is on diet?

Thank you Auntie YC for remembering our birthday and also thank you for the lovely dinner.

Jaden said he would tell his brother what he had for his dinner. We tested him “What did you have for dinner?” and he said “I had bread with butter. Then, I had mushroom soup with squid and prawns (from the seafood salad). For main course, I had lamb. Then, we had desserts”.

Le Midi Restaurant

3rd Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre

285 Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya, Kuala Lumpur

For Reservations Telephone: +603 2094 1318


Roast Pork

I love to eat roast pork. I like to eat roast pork dip with chili sauce or mustard sauce or go with a bowl of curry noodle. So yummy!

Auntie Jenny makes lovely roast pork. The roast pork has crunchy skin and without the porky smell. I’ve watched Auntie Jenny roasted the pork when she was preparing dinner for us at their house in Penang for 2010 Christmas. Even Timothy Tiah came to her house to pick up roast pork that she prepared for his family. I did not know who Timothy Tiah was then though Auntie Jenny did complimented him for his successful set up of Nuffnang. Back to roast pork, it was so tedious and so much work that I did not bother to attempt to roast myself at home. Hubby loves the roast pork made by her.

A few months ago, my youngest sister roasted pork at home and brought to our parents house for our usual family gathering dinner. Hubby loves it too.

I thought I must attempt to make roast pork at home too but I wanted a simpler and easier one. Found some recipes in Kuali and from my recipe book.

This is the mix and match version of roast pork recipe.


  • 1kg pork belly with skin
  • Seasoning:
    • 1/2 tsp Chinese five-spice powder
    • 1 tsp sugar
    • 1 tsp sea salt
    • 1 tsp ground pepper
    • 1/2 tsp cooking wine
  • 1/2 tbsp vinegar or lemon juice
  • 1/2 tbsp rock sea salt

 Request butcher:

  • for the cut best for roast pork
  • remove or debone ribs from pork belly
  • score all over pork belly skin using a sharp knife

Rinse the pork and dry the meat with paper towel.

Place the pork belly skin side down, rub seasoning into the meat side, right into the crevices.

Turn the pork belly back over, brush the top of the skin with vinegar or lemon juice.

Rub salt over skin.

Hang on to hooks in a cool dry place until the skin is dry.

Use paper towel and pat dry the skin and remove excess salt.

Preheat oven to 200C.

Place the pork belly skin side up on a rack / grill tray, in the middle rack of oven for 30 mins.

Remove the pork belly from the oven and prick the skin all over with a sharp metal skewer or pointed blade of a knife.

Return the pork belly to the oven to roast for a further 10 mins or until the top of skin turns evenly brown and crispy.

Let roast pork rest for 10 mins outside oven before cutting.

Serve hot with mustard or chili sauce. 

 The roast pork has crunchy skin with juicy meat.


Lego Mindstorms ShooterBot

The school holiday started two days earlier due to early holiday break for Hari Raya celebration.

Due to the last minute, we could not make any holiday plan.

Hubby suggested Jared to create new robot using his Lego Mindstorms. This time round, Jared decided to make ShooterBot.

Jared used his notebook and Bluetooth to create remote control.

He fixed it all by himself, with very minimal guidance from Hubby. This is a good way to keep him occupied over school holiday, rather than watching TV or playing Ipad and computer games.

Jared was very happy and had great sense of achievement for building the robot and bluetooth remote control.


Kumon and Self Discipline

Jaden is doing Level D of Kumon Maths now. He’s doing advance multiplication and division.

The good thing about Kumon method is it instills self-discipline and time management with its daily homework.

Jaden was doing his homework while I was having my usual cup of Nescafe. I observed him doing his Kumon homework. After he completed his homework, he went upstairs and came down with calculator in his hand.

I was wondering what he was doing and then, I saw this.

Jaden checking his own answer sheets using calculator after doing it manually first.

Jaden did his Kumon Maths homework and time his work. After he finished the homework, he self-check his work. His little fingers pressed on the calculator slowly as he checked each questions of the worksheets. 

He marked those equations with wrong answers.

For those equations with wrong answers, he marked them and did the corrections thereafter. He did the corrections himself without the help of calculator. The calculator was only used to check his answers.

Jaden playing Ipad after he finished his Kumon homework.

Jaden knows that he has to finish his daily Kumon homework before he can play any Ipad game or watch TV. That’s the good self-discipline from Kumon method of studying.

There was once Hubby asked Jaden “How many mistakes do you have for today’s Kumon?”

He replied “3 mistakes” and Hubby teased him and asked “Why 3 mistakes?”

Jaden impatiently answered “3 only what. Why are you angry?”. Hubby said “No, I’m not angry. I’m just asking” and he said “But you raised your voice”. 

Jaden sets self expectation on himself and also try his best. He will speak up if he thinks he’s right as he has tried his best. That’s what we like and wish our boys to grow up with. Always try their best and speak up if they think they are right.

Hubby gave Jaden a BIG hug!

Kid Ran Away from Home

When I came back from work yesterday, I saw our neighbors at the security guard house. They were viewing CCTV. I asked the security guard on duty what happened and he told me that our neighbour’s daughter followed a car out and never came back.

This morning, Hubby saw the same neighbor talking to another neighbor outside of the house. Apparently, their 16 years old teenage daughter went out in a friend’s car on Sunday night and did not come home thereafter. After 24 hours, they made police report and provided the name of friends that were with her and also the car registration number that came and pick her up.

Consequently, her friends that had been named on the police report send their daughter home to avoid more trouble. She came back yesterday night after almost 48 hours.

Teenage years are the hardest to manage. As parents, we really need to know who our kids mix with, the names of their friends, where do they stay, their contact numbers, etc. It will be good if we can get to know their parents and family background too. In case of emergency, these information are really helpful.