$1 Happiness at Nyonya Colors

Whenever I crave for Mee Rebus, Assam Laksa, tongsoi (Chinese dessert) or Nyonya kueh, I’ll go to Nyonya Colors. When my SIL was back from LV, we both went to Nyonya Colors and SIL bought lots of Nyonya Kueh. Luckily, both of us have almost the same taste, we both shared them and she could have more varieties of Kueh to eat.


Even parents love the Nyonya Kueh too. After breakfast at Nyonya Colors, they wanted to buy more Kueh home to eat.


Breakfast at Nyonya Colors. A day after Ah Niu Concert in Genting in Feb 15

This photo was taken when I was busy with annual budget at work previously and I went to Nyonya Colors on a very late afternoon for my lunch, tea and dinner … all 3 in 1. While waiting for food to be served, I took this photo of nice oriental paint on stools and wall.


Nice oriental prints on stools and wall – May 15

Today, I went to Royal Selangor to get a souvenir for John and Minh who are leaving KL for Toronto.

While at the shopping complex, I stopped by Nyonya Colors to pack my favourite food. While putting my change back into my wallet, the lady behind me made her order. I heard her telling the cashier that she only brought $15 for lunch and wanted to check if she had sufficient money for her order. She wanted to have a main and dessert but the cashier told her she was short of $1. I saw disappointment in her face.

I took out a $1 note and said “You can have this”. Both the lady and cashier were surprise but soon after, I saw joy in the lady’s face. I asked her “Do you need parking money?” and she said “I’m fine”.

Looking back, it was all on impulse. I’m glad I did what I did. I know the feeling of craving for favourite food, especially when you are hungry. And I also know how happy a person can be after a satisfying meal. The $1 note is a small token in exchange for joy and happiness in someone face.

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